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welcome, and introduction

Hi there!

Thanks for coming to my blog. I know it looks a bit empty still, but don’t worry, I plan on filling it with many posts and images of all the things I get myself into (which, trust me, are a lot!)

For this blog, I am setting myself a challenge, which is to update as often as possible, even if daily (wishful thinking?), even if it’s just for a few words. Any word of advice, or encouragement you may have will be more than welcome!

The plan is to fill the blog with the following:

  • Photos I take, but only the nice ones, or the ones that have a story to tell, which might not be good at all! We’ll see how well that works…
  • Drawings I make, and here, you will have to bear with me as I am a horrible drawer! I want to improve, so it would be great to have all my progress recorded in one place.
  • Crafts! I’m into crafts now, which means I’m mostly all the time at risk of death by burning, suffocating, stabbing, intoxicating or cutting myself! I will try to post pictures of how I did each project, but it might be difficult to hold the camera still while trying to put out the fire on my head…
  • Text – now this one sounds like a vague one, doesn’t it? Basically, I also write (yes, all the above wasn’t enough). I might post things that I’ve written, it depends how I feel about showing it to the world.
  • Anything else I think is beautiful, or interesting, or inspirational. In these cases, I will do my best to reference authors and give credit where it’s due, with links to websites and everything, but if you see anything I’ve missed, please do let me know and I’ll fix it!

More than anything, this space is for me to grow as a creative person, and for me to learn, by keeping a record of my progress and by reading your comments and suggestions.

I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I will enjoy posting!


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