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quick daily post

I just got home and have about 10 minutes to write something, if I want to try to keep up the “daily posting” plan.

Today I moved seats at work, and it feels weird to not sit next to my friend and manager for the first time in more than 3 years. I guess it will be good to work around more people, but I think I will get bored a bit, as my new team seems quiet. I still don’t have any more news regarding the package, of course.

I was having a drink with this guy, as in a date. He is one of the sweetest guys I’ve met in a long time. He was really nice. If he had been so… nerdy, I would have loved him straight away! But he was the really, really nerdy time… It was a shame though, because he was polite and chatty and well, nice. Anyway, I keep looking (yes, that’s one of my projects as well! haha)

So, no CV and no calendar today, I’m afraid… No time left!

Tomorrow, I’m doing gardening… A rose tree fell again, because of the wind, and I need to put it up again. I also need to prune it. My friend is coming to help me and have lunch, and then we’re going to see her boyfriend play rugby and to the pub with the team. It should be fun enough, I would think! I need to buy something to attach the plant better though, as the rope I tied it up with broke!

And I have to start planning my suitcase! I’m going away for 2 weeks, to a glacier and to a sunny place, so I need both winter and summer clothes… I hate packing!!! I’m really excited though, it’s going to be fun… And nervous, as it’s a really long flight… 12 and a half hours!

Waiting for the pizza to arrive and then sleep after dinner… Good times!