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my day today

Ah, I didn’t post anything yesterday… It’s OK, I knew every day was going to be difficult, but let’s keep trying, even if I slip from time to time!!

Yesterday I was at my friend’s house. She’s another Spanish girl, who is getting married soon! We used to work together but she left the company (and hasn’t looked back yet). We did a Christmas tree at her house just before the holidays (as seen in http://bit.ly/xT8wHs):

Negative Space Christmas Tree

Almost three days of hard work!

So anyway, yesterday, I went to visit her at her place, in Camden. We chatted for a while, and then we did some search of old songs, the ones we used to listen to when we were younger (there are some real treasures in there!) and started watching a film. We had some vodka lemonade and some chorizo and fuet (Spanish types of sausages – cured). Thing is, it was late when I left her place.

The journey back was so much fun. I was trying to read my book while the couple in front of me were wolfing down some fried chicken. The guy was completely drunk and at first, it was a bit disgusting to see him eat, but after, she started filming him to show him the following day how drunk he got (I think it was his birthday) and it became funny. We were all smiling around them, trying to hide it!

I got home almost at 1am (so I wouldn’t have been able to update even if I wanted to).

Today I spent most of the day in the garden, trying to fix this:

rosebud disaster

this is what happens after a wild night...

I kind of managed to fix it in the end, and ended up scratched and tired… but it was quite fun! I haven’t encountered any spider either, so I was quite happy with my work at the end:

how I fixed it

I can be quite resourceful...

All this is basically to say: I haven’t had time to work on my calendar!! I’m well behind, and I should definitely not include January in it by now…

I’m going to have a go at it now, and hopefully I will be very efficient and industrious and will advance quite a lot today! Wishful thinking!