down the memory lane

Today it was quite good at work. The team are finally coming to me to ask me questions, and I felt a bit more like I belonged in there.

This has been a hectic week. I have been doing so many things, been so busy… Luckily it’s over now and I’m officially on holidays!!

It’s funny how time passes by… I was thinking earlier, I had wanted to go to Argentina last Christmas, and couldn’t afford it. Then, I booked the flights in March. I was in my previous flat, and my card was blocked because my bank thought it had been stolen! I had to spend 40 minutes trying to get it to work again. I changed my bank, and my flat. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great they picked the strange online shopping, but I still think they should have tried contacting me or something before blocking my card and forcing me to answer a lot of questions on the phone, and keep me on hold for nearly 15 minutes!

I liked my old flat, now that I think about it. It was expensive, but it was nicer than the one I’m living in now. Well, not nicer, but it didn’t look like it was falling apart. It’s true this flat, well, house, looks homely. It has a garden, high ceilings, the kitchen is pretty… but I’m starting to hate it a bit. It’s old, and not taken care of. The bathroom is a disgrace and there are bugs everywhere. I think there might even be mice! I don’t really hate it, not really, but well…

The other flat had nice windows, big and bright. It was a nightmare when it rained though, as the noise would not let me hear the TV, let alone sleep! There was a back street were foxes gathered at night, and fought and loved each other. Pigeons and other birds were trying to land on my windows, and they would scratch the glass early in the mornings. Still, I liked it. I was living in a top flat, so nobody could bother me. Now I have this neighbour upstairs who makes a lot of noise and likes watching TV and playing video games with the volume too loud.

Anyway, the time is here, and I’m leaving tomorrow for a great holiday (or so I hope!)

I wanted to do stuff yesterday, and I spent my evening playing a video game (my brother gave me L.A. Noire for Christmas, and man, it’s good…) I basically couldn’t put the controller down. It had been a while since the last game I played, so I was quite happy to find that I still like it. Summing it up, I still have so many things to do! I’m not sure why I don’t just get it over with and finish the suitcase and finish tidying everything. It’s like I don’t believe I’m leaving for 2 weeks or something!

I’m off tomorrow, so maybe that’s why, I’m feeling like I have plenty of time, but truth is I don’t…

Right, I’m logging off. I’m not sure if I will be able to post while I’m away, or if I will even remember to, but if I don’t, see you in 2 weeks!