Argentina, part I

I am in Ushuaia, Argentina.

I am loving it here! I arrived on Monday, after 2 hours delay… The plane’s nose wheel got stuck in a 90 degrees position, so we couldn’t take off. They gave us another plane and we left. Now, not sure if you’ve ever travelled to Ushuaia, but basically, the runway is like a mini version of a real one. It’s on a small strip of land, and it pretty much starts and ends in water.

I got in safe though (phew!)

Yesterday, or Monday, I had a boat trip booked on the Beagle Channel. It was nice and fun. I got on well with the captain and the crew, and they even shared their mate with me! I got an Argentine flag as a souvenir at the end of it:


I have now to take a picture of it, somewhere in the world, and send it to them. Sounds fun!

Today, I had a trekking and canoeing booked. It was a full day trip and it was so much fun! The guides were crazy, especially one of them, who was joking with me and teasing me all the time, the cheeky chap! I don’t need much encouraging to keep the banter going, so we were laughing all the time.

We walked in Tierra del Fuego natural park, and it was a bit tough at times, but it was worth it. We did about 8 kilometres and walked for about 4 hours, going up and down and walking amongst roots… After that, we had some lunch and then went canoeing. Daniel, the crazy guide, picked me for his boat, and made me captain with him, so I had to control the direction of the boat, in charge of the left side. In about 5 minutes I was already giving him orders! Haha He was already regretting giving me so much power! Again, we were laughing a lot. He got this idea about us going to end up together, and said hi to my parents in a video, addressing them as parents in law!

That aside, it was so much fun to walk around in a forest and then try to paddle in an agreed direction!

Tierra del Fuego is also called the World’s End, and I have a stamp to prove I was there.


Tomorrow I’m flying to El Calafate in the afternoon and on Thursday I will be trekking on the Perito Moreno glacier!

So far it’s being an amazing trip, and it’s definitely going to get better! I can’t wait to tell you all about it as soon as I get internet again!