Argentina, part II

I’m back to Buenos Aires now.

I spent a few days in El Calafate and it blew my mind away. First, I did a trip to Perito Moreno glacier. I was picked up at my hotel at 7am, which meant I had to get up at a ridiculously early time. I’m not sure of the hard, cold facts (no pun intended), but it’s one of the few glaciers in the world that not only hasn’t receded but actually keeps advancing. This glacier is wide, not sure how much, but what amazed me was the fact that it was about 60 metres high above water and about 120 metres below the water! Standing on the shore next to it really gave you a feeling of humility. We were tiny compared to it.

We walked for a few minutes through the forest and got to the mini trekking starting point. There, we had our cranpons fitted and proceeded to the ice.

At first it was scary. My knees were halfway between jelly and rock. It felt alien to try to walk on ice with these metallic spikes protruding from my feet. We set out anyway and I figured it couldn’t be more difficult than trying to dance on stilettos on a night out.

After a few minutes walking on ice and trying to go up and down, I felt more at ease. I have to admit that it was breathtaking. There is no way to explain the feeling of walking on this massive piece of ice and do it justice.

They gave us whisky after the walk, with ice from the glacier. We walked back and had lunch at the shelter, while enjoying a magnificent view of the glacier.

I was really tired the following day and was being picked up again at 7am to do a 12km trekking on Estancia Cristina.

More on that soon!