Argentina, part III

I left my story about my trips in Argentina a bit halfway… Sorry about that! I was too busy doing things than blogging about them! In any case, here I am again.

The trek around Estancia Cristina was incredible. I’ve never walked as much as these past weeks, but I have definitely discovered a love for walking around in the wild. With scenery like this, you’ve got to love the outdoors:

Estancia Cristina

Trekking around Estancia Cristina

Upsala Glacier
Upsala Glacier
Icebergs from the Upsala

Icebergs from the Upsala

As you can imagine, I don’t get to see this in London!

We walked for many hours, and had lunch at a viewpoint on top of a hill. We were really tired and our clothes were full of burr seeds! It was quite painful to try to get them off!

That was my last day in El Calafate, and it was worth it every second of it. The next day, I didn’t want to leave, even though I was finally going to see my friend for a few days.

Back in Buenos Aires, I had a great time as well with my friend and her family (my foster family, as I got to call them!). We had a couple of asados which were mouthwatering, and went sightseeing. We visited St. Telmo, now if you ever go to Buenos Aires, you definitely have to go there.

After a few days in Buenos Aires and surrounding areas, and lots of meat and milanesas, swiming pools, and me cooking Spanish omelettes for my Argentinean foster family, my friend and I left to Mar del Plata.

If you’ve never been there, it’s basically a huge city with lots of beach. It’s very popular nowadays, so it gets very crowded:

Varese Beach - Mar del Plata

Easy to get lost when coming back from the water...

I took a surfing lesson, which was great as it was at 7am and the beach was empty –  the photo above must have been taken at 3pm or maybe 4pm! We sunbathed and walked a lot trying to find places to eat (yes, that’s all we cared about: food, ice coffee, sun, beach rugby and volley, and surfing!)

I think here is where I finally relaxed and enjoyed the holidays, even if I ended up tired anyway – seriously, who thought of putting a beach on the other side of a hill??

We got there by micro, which is basically a double decker coach. It was comfortable enough, I guess, although not for 7 hours!

We returned on Saturday (left at 10am, arrived at 5pm!) and my friend left to wish her boyfriend farewell on his holidays. That night we were really tired, so we just had another asado and went to bed.

On Sunday, we had breakfast with her parents and they all drove me to the airport. My plane took off at 3pm and several hours later, I arrived at Heathrow today at 7am. I can’t believe I left on a Sunday and arrived at my destination on a Monday, and I can even believe less the fact that it was 30 degrees when I left, and 0 degrees when I got here!

As I don’t live near this airport, I was finally getting home at 10am… I’ve been trying to stay awake all day, but I feel I’m tired. I can’t wait for tonight to arrive so I can go to sleep, even though it will mean tomorrow I will have to work.

I’m sad my trip is finished. Now it’s time to go through the pictures and videos I took and sort them out, work on them, publish them, and get back on track with my projects to keep me entertained!

I’m definitely going back though!