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quick catch up

Typical of me… It’s so hard to keep posting regularly! I normally remember when I’m away from the computer, but I think it’s such a pain to post from my phone… Maybe I could try to keep the phone updates shorter, and maybe add some tagline. Something to consider!

Anyway, so I have the drawer chests I bought online and due to a lack of general storage space and me being fed up with having the boxes lying around, I already built them (not sure if I have already mentioned this, by the way). I’ve been using them for a few days now, and I like them. Even though I had all the measurements spot on in my mind, they turned out to be much smaller than what I thought they would be. Interesting. Still, they look nice.

So that I don’t get too comfortable and never continue with the customization, I haven’t attached the pulls to them, so it’s a struggle to open them (see? Psychology at its best!) Hopefully next month I will have done it – unfortunately I lack budget at the moment, so I haven’t really started with them… *big sad face here.

Crochet is going quite well, as per my last post, and I even managed to make a small rosebud. I’m not going to post any picture here, because it doesn’t look great in that beige yarn I have, but as soon as I get some red yarn, I will definitely make another one and take lots of pictures of it!

I’m quite happy as today a friend has confirmed she’s coming to visit me in London. She is coming end of April, so there’s still plenty of time, but what with the photo walk next Saturday, snowboarding on the 3rd, then the ski trip on the 15th, my parents coming the following weekend (my birthday, yay!) and all the bank holidays and similar, it seems just round the corner! I can’t wait to see her again (I think I haven’t seen her since before Christmas, and we used to live together!!), as usual, I’m sure it will be fun.

There’s not much to tell right now, to be honest. I’ve been elected for the Social/Events Committee at work, and tomorrow we’re visiting some venues for parties. We have a budget we can spend as we see fit during the whole year. It sounds so exciting! I’m also on the Ski Trip Committee, which is basically to organize the trip.

Speaking of which. Work is fine. I like my new role and my new team (although I do miss my old team!). It’s hard work and I end up late and tired pretty much everyday, but I actually enjoy it. Let’s see what the next couple of months bring!

This is me so far… Take care!