Month: February 2012

projects update

Hello there! I haven’t updated much lately, I know. I could give a million reasons (give or take) but they would all sound as excuses… The main reason is that I haven’t had much time… but also I haven’t been much in the mood. Since I started in my new role (yay!) I’ve been so busy at work, than the last thing I want to do at home is think. Think about what to write, or think about doing stuff. Basically, I’ve been watching series these past days (I know, I know, I should have been writing instead). However, I have taken up on a couple of hobbies… Last Thursday I had my first sewing class, and we did a cushion cover! I think it’s quite pretty! I was very pleased with the result, as I was expecting something horrible and crooked to turn up, but it looks nice. We also did some fabric buttons for the cushion. I was so slow sewing them though that I decided to finish it at home. When I …

it’s always about the money

I still haven’t published all the photos from my trip to Argentina, but I have a problem… I don’t have any good photo editor! I’m desperately trying to find a cheap (free?) copy of Adobe, but the prices are astronomically high! Seriously, how people can afford those figures? I’m really tempted to start a donation pot so that people can help me get the software I so much miss… Yes, I know, I shouldn’t be using this software in the photos, but it really is needed if I want a normal-looking image to look stunning. I need to work on the curves and colours, to straighten the horizon (my long life nemesis, as I never get it straight!), to bring out the contrast… I feel so lost without these programs… Why did I have to uninstall them? Now I cannot install that copy back. It’s OK. I’ll find some deal that will work well for me, or I will have to buy the package at that price… and die a little inside…   marz