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I had such a busy day at work… It’s amazing how suddenly things can pile up, especially when everyone wants your help.

Today it was month’s end, so Finance were frantic to get all the phasing correctly. I had to work closely with one girl in order to get all the figures right for someone else’s work, not mine. You can imagine how long it took us to make sense of what was going on, especially as none of us had seen those figures before! After being at it for one hour on my own, and about another hour with my laptop at her desk, we managed to make sense of it.

When I returned to my desk, I checked all those emails I kept seeing popping up while working on the numbers, and the list was endless! For some reason, people from other teams are asking me to be in their out of office whenever they are away, even if we don’t really have much to work in common, they’re copying me in their handovers and generally asking me for help. It’s nice to see people actually seek my opinion and help, but it’s overwhelming sometimes. There was this girl on my team literally running up to me the moment she saw me hanging up the phone, as she had been trying to ask me a question for a while (and I’m supposed to help her, and the rest of my team, not everyone else!)

During the whole day, I kept on thinking about how much I wanted to get back home and continue my crochet project. I’m doing something as a present, one of those amigurumi toys. It’s not perfect, but as it’s the first time I try something like this, I’m quite proud of the results so far. Before this, the only I had tried were straight lines to practise single and double crochet, as well as some minor increasing and decreasing; crocheting in a circle, and a small rosebud. I think it’s a great leap! I hope the person I’m giving this to really likes it (I can’t say much more as there is a chance that person is actually reading this… who knows?!)

Once I’m done with this one, I want to try to do a Sackboy, the main character from Little Big Planet, as I love it (never played the game, though) and I’ve always wanted one. I simply thought they were way too expensive for what it was, but now I can probably do one myself! How great is that?

I’m quite happy at my hobbies lately, what with the sewing and crocheting and all that; and I’m even happier because the general feedback from my photos has been great! People really liked them and have even asked me to photograph their events and stuff, which is a great honour. I still need to practise more though, but that makes me feel I just want to get out and about with my camera every day! I wish I could, but I can’t be carrying it around to work and in the transport every day, can I? Maybe I could take it out just at weekends.

However, it’s unbelievable the difference a bit of colour correction and working those curves can make. I have had a look at the pictures from Argentina, and found photos that were pretty normal, such as this:


Look as stunning as this:


Or this one here:


Suddenly look like this:


Finally, I have to admit the image below really took my breath away when I calibrated the colours. I clicked on the white, and nothing really happened, but as soon as I clicked on what I believed it was black (some really dark shadow somewhere), in a second, the whole colours came out and I was sitting there, speechless, with my mouth open.

These flowers are called Lupino and I had never seen them before I went to Ushuaia. I was a bit disappointed with the photo, as it didn’t show the vibrant colours of the plant:


These are very colourful flowers and you can find them in quite a lot of different colours, which added to the also quite colourful houses of Ushuaia, gave the city such a lively, warm feeling.

Here’s the same picture, colour corrected, which shows how the flowers really looked (or quite close to reality, anyway!):


As you can see, it does make a difference…

Anyway, it’s getting late, and I need to rest after a crazy day at work!

I have my last sewing class tomorrow, and we’re doing alterations (I don’t think I have anything that needs altering!! What am I going to do?!?). I can’t wait to sew again, I really like it!

I’m quite tired lately, but I’m happy because I’m tired from doing things I like, as well as work, and that’s always worth it, isn’t it?

Take care!


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