a bit of this and that…

I went snowboarding yesterday and I have pain everywhere today!

First of all, the button lift is a device of hell… It’s definitely not designed for snowboarders, or at least that’s how it seems to me. I have so much pain where the bar was pressing my leg that I even got a bruise!

The whole evening was fun though. I fell many times, but luckily I’m still on one piece! The first couple of runs, as usual, were really scary and I could feel all my body so tense that I was even shaking! After going down the slope a few times, I managed to relax a bit.

I got to talk to many different people (mainly because, well, I speak to everyone everywhere!) and they taught me how to walk like a penguin with the board still attached to my feet. I don’t manage much, but I did managed a couple of steps without actually falling on the ground! I still don’t manage to do proper turns, or to only snowboard with my front foot at the front all the time, I get too scared when turning and even more scared when the board is pointing downwards and I start getting speed!

After three hours on the board, I finally managed to fall on my bad knee (yay) and even though it was fine, it still was painful, so I decided to stop and lose the last hour, so as to not risk an injury. I headed back to the bar and had a pint of beer!

One of the guys was recording, and while I don’t think I’m in any video actually snowboarding, I know I appear on one falling down! As soon as he gives me a copy I will post it here, so you all can laugh at me (as much as I will laugh at myself! hehe).

On another note, I finished the crochet project I was doing as a present. I will post pictures as soon as I’ve given it to the person it’s meant to!

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to start crocheting a Sackboy, from Little Big Planet. I’ve found a pattern online (will post the links along with the pictures once I have a bit more done) but I cannot continue until I don’t get some eyes for it. I ordered them online and should receive them this week.

Tomorrow I’m also going to the yarn shop (again…) to buy more yarn for a hat I’m going to make for my ski trip with the company. We’ve decided to create a costume contest and people will have to dress up on the slopes, either by a full costume, or a funny hat. I’m going for a mix: I will have a funny hat that I will be doing myself, complemented with a piece of clothing that I can actually wear normally (not a costume). I don’t think I will win the contest with this, but it’s going to look cool. So tomorrow I need to buy lots of yarn and a bigger hook, to be able to make the hat. Let’s see how that goes, but it’s going to be fun to make it, and it will keep me occupied for the next days (or at least until I receive the eyes!).

Right, I think it’s time to leave the computer alone for a bit. I’m going to tidy all the clothes from the washing machine that have been hanging around the flat for the past two days!

I will update you as soon as I get something else done, so keep an eye on the blog!