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It’s been a while since my last post, apologies for that.

As usual, I’ve been busy, first with the ski trip, then my parents came to visit, so I’ve been off and doing stuff. Good news is I have quite a few things to talk about here now!

For starters, I can now disclose the toy I was working on, as it’s been given to the person already and he liked it! I did a Cthulhu for my brother, following the pattern here. I made some small changes, like the eyes – they look more manga in my version! Also, as I’m not that good crocheting yet, I’m sure I made some mistakes as well. However, I have to say that pattern is great and I’m really happy I found it! Thanks for sharing it! My brother really liked the toy, and he even posted a picture on his twitter!

After, I decided to finish the Sackboy I was doing for my mum, following this pattern. Again, it was a success! Thanks Nerdigurumi for sharing the pattern with us! I think my Sackboy turned out extremely big headed, but that’s because I made a mistake when doing the body and limbs (I missed the count a couple of times!). All in all, it’s another great pattern. My mum really liked the toy.

Here are both toys, hanging out together before they travelled to Spain with the family:

Crocheted Cthulhu and Sackboy toys

best buddies!

I wanted to do something else for my dad, but I ran out of time… So I will do one later on.

Also, I did a hat for my company ski trip. That was quite complicated! I tried following the pattern for the hat here, but my skills are still those of a complete beginner, so it didn’t turn out that well…  In the end, I decided to do a normal beanie as a hat (which I already knew how to do!) and sew the accessories from this pattern. Unfortunately it didn’t look as cool as that one does!! I also decided to skip the hair bits, as I was going to wear it on the snow, I thought it would get quite messy. Here’s a picture of it:

Crocheted Yoda hat

looking great on the slopes in this!

Everyone complimented me on the hat on the slopes, so thanks as well for sharing the pattern!!

Right now, I’m working on a Totoro toy for myself (I think it’s about time I do a toy for myself, don’t you think??) and again, I will post pictures and the pattern once I’ve finished it.

Also, I’ve bought already stuff to customise my chests of drawers, so that’s great! So far I bought some paper, and chalkboard paint, and also 6 knobs. I will paint and wrap in fabric some others, and that should do it. I still need to figure out how to decorate all the drawers though!

It’s very exciting to be doing all these things! Especially, when people visiting my home mention how much they like the decoration and the DIY items all around! It really encourages me to keep practising.

In terms of design, I did some invite for a party at work. I’m not entirely proud of it, but then again I did it in about 2 hours. If I had had a bit longer I might have been able to produce something more professional looking (sorry, no pictures of this!). One of my colleagues asked me to design a CD cover for his single, and I need to work on that as well!

I think that’s all for the moment… I will update you on the ski trip and my parents’ visit some other time! In the meantime, take care and hope you enjoyed reading!


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