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hours left!

I am very excited about the photo shoot of tomorrow (well, today already). I have been preparing the day, thinking about the photos I want to take and the ideas I want to talk about in the tutorial.

Hopefully it won’t be a terrible day, as so far it seems it’s going to rain (Bank Holiday weekend, and it’s raining? Really? That never happens, right?) but I might still be lucky, as it seems it won’t rain between 1pm and 4pm!

I have 2 friends who have agreed to be my models, and another friend who volunteered as my assistant, so it’s going to be fun, fun! It’s so exciting! Also I’m a bit nervous, as it’s the first time I’m going to take pictures of models on my own… So far, in all the photo shoots I’ve been to (2) there were more photographers. I think I’m expecting way too much of myself, and I’m a bit scared of self-disappointment (yes, I wouldn’t like disappointing others, but I’m my own worst critic!), so that’s definitely an issue I have to work on.

Hopefully after this session I will be more confident in my work!

I can’t wait to work on the actual tutorial and publish it here for all of you to see!

Right, time to go to sleep so I can actually manage to be productive tomorrow (I mean today).



  1. Rosa Mary says

    Espero que finalmente haga un buen día y hagas unas fotos geniales, eso sí sin mucho retoque de photoshop que a veces se pasan tanto que las modelos no parecen ni ellas, jaja…

    • marz says

      Gracias! No hay problema, aún no tengo tanto conocimiento de Photoshop como para hacer esos retoques, así que sabréis que mis fotos son reales! Jaja

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