photos, photos, photos!!

bike on the canal retouched

Yesterday it was a nice day! We went to take some photos for the tutorial (coming soon) and it was fun, as well as productive. As usual, the photos are OK and not awesome, but that’s more due to me being shy with the camera than anything else…

After walking around for a bit in Camden, taking pictures, we then went to have some drinks at The World’s End, a really, really, big pub just off the station. Then, we met some other friends for some Moroccan tea and shisha (which I refused to smoke, as being an ex-smoker, I don’t want to come close to anything similar, in case I fall into 20 a day once again!). We had some nice food, and a great chat, before each heading off to different places.

I’m still working on the tutorial and the photos (making them look pretty, I guess), which I think will take me some days. In the meantime, I couldn’t wait to show you an image I’ve been working on, so you can see the difference Photoshop can make.

Now I know a lot of people out there are not that into image retouching and think a photo should be great right off the camera. While I agree with them most of the time, I think it’s a great tool to help get the best out of some photos, even though I’m not an expert (wow, this blog is turning a bit into a PS advocate, I’m not paid by them or anything, just to be clear).

So this is the original image I took:

Bikes for sale

dull, dull, dull...

This is the same image, with some curves changed (remember the post about colour correction?):

Bikes for sale

bringing those colours out

And this is exactly the same photography, only with some sharpening and contrast applied to it:

Bikes for sale

looking much sharper and interesting

It looks great, doesn’t it? It’s a bit exaggerated in some areas, so that you can see exactly how this sharpening looks! It’s a bit like HDR, only taking just one picture, and not touching the HDR toning in Photoshop.

Also, I worked on this image below:

bike on the canal

this one has potential...

I think it’s a nice image, and when I started working on the curves, and doing the usual stuff, I admit I got a tiny bit carried away…

bike on the canal retouched

and voilà!

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments!!

As mentioned above, as soon as I get the tutorial ready, I will let you all know.