H is for holiday

I’m officially on holidays (huzzah!)

I think I have been waiting for this since my holidays in January (Argentina). The last days at work, I could almost feel my skin itch and hurt! Right now, I’m at home, packing and chilling out with some great music, getting ready for tonight, when I will be flying to Ibiza (I know, I know, those of you following me on Twitter or Facebook are already fed up of hearing me speaking about this holiday, especially in the last 48 hours).

Last night, we had another run with the Nike+ Run Club, and it was superhero costume themed. I was so excited preparing the costume, posting pictures, teaser style, and pretty much jumping around in excitement… The previous night I stayed up until 1am finishing my costume and helping Loida with hers… and it paid off: I ran like I had never ran before! (insert big smug smile here). I managed to stop later than usual for the first time, and then have another short stop again, and that’s it, not all that stopping every kilometre… I’m quite proud of myself!!

In terms of winning the costume competition, I think the guys took pity on me and my excitement! Haha I was even making puppy eyes, I think! Well, I did work hard for it, but there were other awesome costumes as well, like Loida’s, who even went on to buying contact lenses, or Iron Man – seriously, how can anyone run completely covered in foam, and with that helmet?? So I’m quite grateful for being the winner this time, I am now completely happy and satisfied! I had been after the prize (the Fuel Band) for months, since I first saw it on someone’s wrist at a barbecue at the beginning of the summer, so when I found out that was the prize, and I had won it, I starting grinning like a fool, jumping around, and pretty much feeling like if I had just met Santa…

Anyway, Fuel Band aside, having spent hours just looking at it, pressing the button, setting it up, and all that, my focus is now the holidays (hum… only 751 fuel points so far today…).

I’m flying to Ibiza tonight, and I’m over excited. Mainly because I had already given up on summer holidays this year… I can’t wait to being lazy at the beach, roasting under the sun. I miss my bikini so much! The party is an add-on, of course, but the real excitement is going to the beach for 8 days.

I think I will bring my netbook with me, but I don’t know if I will feel up for logging in and posting (or if Loida will let me, for that matter!) so maybe see you soon, or maybe in 8 days. Whatever happens in the end, I wish you all a great time, wherever you are, and keep an eye around here!


marz x