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I’ve asked my friends for help with the blog. I need some models that will endure my long sessions of photography, so I can practise and improve, and I can have shots as examples (I was told by an anonymous reader recently that my last post on shutters and diaphragms lacked pictures).

Trouble is: I can do pictures of everyday stuff, like my pens, my books, or little flowers in my garden, but is that what you guys want to see as examples? Hey, if that’s the case, then by all means tell me, and I’ll get shooting! However, I think having some people around always help.

Anyway, this weekend I’m taking the camera around and will play a bit so I can take many wonderful pictures to then use as (good or bad) examples in here!

Also, I asked for help on portraits. I know that’s my weakest skill (one of the many weak ones I have) and I need to keep working on it as much as I can, but since I know I’m not that good at portraits, I need someone with patience, and someone I can feel comfortable with – which, by the way, it’s a mighty task: to find both in the same person!

Anyway… guess what my last “hobby” is! I decided I want to learn how to skateboard. Yup! Why wait for the snow to come, so I can go snowboarding on the mountains, or why eagerly wait until I can go for a couple of days and try (and fail) to surf, when I can practise a bit on wheels. Do you know what that means? Exactly! It means I’m going to injure myself pretty soon! Ha-ha

So far, I’m going to check out skateboards this Saturday (any suggestions, shops, advice, will be more than welcome!) and if the time, model and price are right, I might get one!

Other than that, I’m back to knitting! People, don’t laugh, I’m not that kind of person… I’m cool, remember? Photography, (kind of) sporty, and just enough geeky to be adorable, no? Maybe a bit? *big smile*

So yeah, basically, I’m still working on the tutorial! I know I keep saying that, but honestly, I am! I hope once the next instalment is ready you won’t be disappointed!