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On holidays

So the world didn’t end on Friday. Go figure. I was all ready with my emergency supplies, my energy chocolate bars, ridiculous amounts of toothpaste and camera in hand, and the world didn’t end.

Well, at least I’m well stocked for a very long time now…

I got home after quite an uneventful journey: I didn’t suffer any major train problems, despite the warnings of severe delays, the plane didn’t crash… Hey, it wasn’t even delayed! During the flight, I finally finished the book I had been reading for the past week (The Great Gatsby), listened to some music and even managed to have three (yes, you read that correctly, three) micro-siestas!

My family were waiting for me at the airport (no big surprise there), Spanish omelette sandwich and all!

That night I stayed up pretty late, chatting with them, but mostly with my dad (one of the main topics of conversation was Excel tables!) and when I finally went to bed at about 4pm I realised something… I’m on holidays!!

I don’t have to work for the rest of the year, and then some! I only go back to work on the 8th January, so that sounds like an unbelievable amount of free time in my hands…

So far, I haven’t done much, but of course I will need to find something to do for the rest of the time, or I will go out of my mind. I know that a couple of days we are having the Bank Holidays, so I will be busy then.

Another day, we’ve decided to go in a photo session with my dad and I will spend some time running, but gosh, I haven’t had this much free time in ages!

However, there is one thing I really want to spend this time on… I’m going to finish my break from writing! I want to use these holidays to (almost) finish my novel! Wish me good luck!

Also, in my most pure “over achieving style”, I’ve decided I’m going to start learning how to play the guitar! There is a guitar here, but nobody is really using it, so I’ve decided I’m going to bring it back home in London and I’m going to learn. So far, I’ve started practising with some tabs, and I can sort of play, very badly, some Stand By Me, and Silent Night, and I’m trying to learn the Main Theme of Star Wars!!

I will give you more news on how that goes soon enough… In the meantime, take care, have a great time over Christmas, and hope to see you soon!