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Back from “holidays” and a video


Hey there!

I hope you are all great and that the Christmas period was awesome and all that. I know I’ve been absent for quite a long time, but I decided to take some time off to do nothing but thinking – and trust me, I did do a lot of thinking.

As you can imagine, new year, new life, new resolutions and whatnot, were all thought about… I’ve started this year with a renewed sort of energy and I’m quite intrigued to find out where it’s going to take me. I can’t say much more right now because of spoilers, but you will see the progress here… Hopefully, anyway.

So, it’s been a long, long time. I know the holidays are long gone, and I have even been at work already and sort of slowly slipping back into routine, but hey, who can say how much rest one’s brain needs, right? Well, it seems my brain needed a lot! Especially after so much thinking, as it turns out.

The whole new year, new life scenario means many things for me. I’m not talking about the typical “this is going to be my year” approach. Every year has been my year, and yours, and theirs… No, it’s something different. It’s basically a way of telling myself enough. Enough of all this stupidity!

I know, I know… I’m not making any sense… At all! It doesn’t matter, really… I just wanted to say hi. Hey, I’m back… I’m not dead! I survived the end of the world and I didn’t choke on the 12 grapes… I’m not even suffering any holiday blues, January blues, or any other sort of blues! I’m… fine. Kind of disappointing, really. I almost want to shake myself and shout that it’s January, and it’s winter, and I have to work, and for heaven’s sake can you please at least moan a little about it? I’ve complained, of course, but only half hearted, and mainly because I knew that was what was expected of me…

I’m back, and I’m kicking. I feel like kicking. I actually feel like doing many things right now. Where does all this energy come from? Was it stored somewhere I forgot about and some alignment of planets has unlocked the secret stash of positivism? Something to ponder, I would say…

Anyway, the past month has given me even more things to think about… Friendship, work, family, health, addictions, dreams, time, the future… Not all in the form of resolutions, and many in the form of analysis. I found out many things about myself and about others. Many interesting things… For example, and just as an example, I found out today that watching someone hanging themselves from hooks inserted in their skins makes me feel really queasy, more than seeing someone getting a scarification. However, I find plastic surgery much, much worse… But I also find quite disturbing someone getting a tattoo on their scalp, almost as bad as watching a tongue being split. Interesting stuff, right?

I watched this great documentary today (a few minutes ago, actually):

And while I was watching it, between squirm and nausea, the main thing I could think of was what will the theme for my next tattoo be…

The mind truly works in mysterious ways…


  1. Funny you’re not suffering any sort of blues — I swear about a week ago you had full on back to work blues 😉

    • I know but when I did think about it, I discovered I actually didn’t mind!!!

      It wasn’t a real work blues, I just thought I was having one…

      How about that?

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