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This weekend has proven to be quite productive, despite deciding not to do anything.

On Friday, I had some drinks with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and we had a good catch up. We went to a really nice bar in Clapham Common, which even had live music at some point!

As scheduled, my Saturday marked the start of my geekend. My main objective was to get the desktop up and running, and I think I did a pretty good job, to be honest: not only I managed to get it working, but also installed Adobe, and my Wacom tablet, and Scrivener… All in one day. I’m pretty proud of it!

In true geek style, the rest of Saturday had to be spent by watching series (The Big Bang Theory is always a favourite), at least the few that my bad antenna allowed me to watch.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will know by now that I’m a busy person. I’m always out and about and doing stuff – the other day, someone else mentioned “when she says she’s not doing anything, don’t believe her, because it’s not true!”, which made me laugh. It’s true that I’m always up to something, and if you ask me how my weekend went, I’ll probably reply that I did nothing, only to go on to explain that I went running, and made this, and baked that, and cleaned and a long list of activities.

This is mainly because all these activities are such an integral part of my life, that I don’t even notice when I do them! To me, to do something is to go out for dinner, go to the cinema, go clubbing, or something like that, maybe go shopping, I don’t know… something definitely involving human interaction!

Also, another person told me that I am a trend setter recently. I don’t consider myself as such, but I can understand that sometimes my positive attitude can splash on people’s lives. Mind you, I’m not naturally positive, I do make an effort to be a happy person! It works, most of the time anyway!

Anyway, this weekend, I decided to not do anything at all. I’ve spent the whole weekend (sorry, geekend) in tracksuit trousers and a Star Wars hoodie, working on the desktop and being lazy. Surprisingly, I haven’t eaten junk food, I’m quite proud of it… I haven’t drunk any sugary soft drinks either!

There’s something I’ve been doing today though, right after cleaning the house a bit… I’ve been trying to design a tattoo half sleeve. I need to polish my drawing skills a bit more, but I think I have a pretty good base. I think next week I’m going with a friend, because he wants to have a tattoo done, and I will ask about the design process of a sleeve.

Now it’s time to get the pizza in the oven, maybe get a glass of sparkly, and watch The Avengers.

As I said, all in all, a very productive weekend of doing nothing!


    • Not yet!! I can say it’s going to be a different style from the ones I already have…

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