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Of Mondays and strength

Once of the key factors that ensure a loyal readership seems to be the frequency of your blog entries. I was supposed to write yesterday, but guess what, I couldn’t think of a word for the life of me. Yes, that’s right, my mind was a big blank box of absolutely nothing.

I’m going to write about my Monday instead. Lately, I’ve been waking up really early, with the sunlight coming through my bedroom window (read French doors). When I say early, I mean 6.30 am early. Of course, it’s that time when it’s a bit earlier than I should actually get up, which means that if I go back to sleep, I will wake up grumpy and tired.

This morning, I decided to read the news on my phone, to enjoy some peace and quiet time and to mainly enjoy waking up feeling rested. I believe one of the best things in life is to wake up with sunlight – one of my favourite small pleasures of life, actually… Hum, I’ll probably compile a list of them one day.

To make it even a better morning, I managed to decide on what to wear pretty quickly, and when I left home I was pleased with my overall appearance, which trust me, almost never happens!

A short walk to the tube, enjoying the weather. It’s funny how I’ve changed since I first moved to London. Now, I’m walking with my coat open all the time, and I can’t pretty much wait for any chance to take it off, whilst everyone around me have their coats completely zipped up and closed, and wear scarves and even gloves! I will probably end up ill at some point, but as long as we are at 5 degrees or above, it’s warm.

The good thing about being based in Blackfriars is the area. I’ve made a choice of taking the tube to Bank, and then walk to the office. I left my house at 7.50 am today, and was at the office at 8.30, which I think it’s pretty good. Walking from the station to the office wakes me up completely, and takes away all the grumpiness from the tube. The air is crisp, and it feels so nice in my lungs (yes, I’m actively choosing to ignore the pollution, buses, horns, people rushing, bicycles…) When I walk, with my headphones on, I’m in my world and nothing can touch me.

I was in such a great mood.

Let’s skip the next 7-8 hours, which didn’t help with the mood at all. Actually, I could almost feel the steam escaping through my ears at one point or another. Lunch time was great fun, though, as usual… One day I will tell you stories about my lunches with one of my friends. Basically, I believe people think we do shots at lunch, because we’re always laughing in fits… Lunch time is pretty much my favourite time of the working day (hi S! Love you!).

At the end of the day, I was tired, and not in such a great mood as I was in the morning. I came home and for a moment I almost decided not to go running, but you know what? I’m glad I forced myself to go out in the cold and have a short run. No matter what’s going on in my head, as soon as I start running with my music on, and I need to focus on breathing, and keeping the pace slow, everything changes around me. I can feel all my negative thoughts leaving my body, as if I were slamming all the troubles onto the pavement with every step I take.

Funnily enough, at one point I couldn’t run anymore, and a great song started playing on my playlist… Every single time I’m tired, and this song starts playing, I find my strength again. I’ll definitely need to take it with me on Saturday!

Here is how it starts:

This is the point of no return
‘Cuz this is where we crash and burn
And now every time I face this pain
I can hear it coming back again
It’s the sound of letting go.

(Sound of Letting Go – David Guetta feat. Chris Willis)

It always works, without fail. It’s like the magic potion from Getafix, the druid.

So I’m now just wondering… what are the things that make you smile and maybe even give you that extra strength when you need it, no matter what? Is it a favourite song? Or maybe it’s a guilty pleasure? Let me know!