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Update on progress

Wow… This is taking me forever!!

As you know, I’m working on the design of my blog, and some of the changes you can already see. However, there are other changes that I still need to finish!

Here’s a small sneak peek of what’s to come, so you see the amount of effort needed…

You have already seen the logo/header of the blog (woohoo!)

And maybe you have had a quick look at the Sneak Peek section, which is now displaying images in a more beautiful way (I think, anyway, what do you think?) rather than in the previous gallery… I think this look works quite well, doesn’t it?

But hey, there are more new features coming soon…

So, what will be new, hopefully very soon?

There will be a new menu appearing on the top right corner!

You can’t contain your excitement… I know right?

All the pages in there are almost done, so I’m hoping to publish it all in the next days… Although knowing me, I might still make a few more changes!!

In any case, you can still send me questions to be included in the FAQ section, if that’s something you are interested in. To do so, please email them to

hello -at- shutterandink -dot- com

and I will either reply by email, or I will publish common questions in there!

Here is how it should (will) look like:

On another note, last weekend was such a killer!

I went to some engagement drinks on Friday, and although I didn’t stay out until late, I was very tired when I got home.

On Saturday, I went running around Battersea Park for the Energizer Night Run, and it was so much fun, despite the crazy rain we had!

There was an after party with a DJ, food, drinks, and some light drawing photography (hilarious pictures, I will share one soon) and we left around midnight.

On Sunday, I had an introduction to kite surfing lesson in Shoeburyness where we learnt how to fly a power kite. Let me tell you, power kites are indeed powerful!! I flew the first one maybe for 20 minutes and I ended up with so much pain in my arms and chest muscles. Even my back hurt! Because it was windy, and the kite was pulling us quite strongly, the instructor gave us a smaller one, which was so much easier to fly!

After a few minutes, however, the wind started acting weird and our kite would fly up, only to drop in a bundle due to lack of wind… It was very difficult!

Overall, it was such an active weekend, and I hurt everywhere… But hey, great workout!

Next weekend I have my friends from Buenos Aires visiting, so I guess I won’t be around much… We’re going to watch Les Mis in the theatre on Friday!

That’s all for now. I hope you like the changes I’m making to the blog and I would love to read your feedback on your comments below!