Making a dream catcher

I recently made a dream catcher for a friend’s son.

Initially, I said I would make it for Christmas, but I’m a professional procrastinator, so in the end she had to remind me and I finally made it for this birthday.

He’s a boy, and I needed to try to find some design that wouldn’t be way too delicate or girly, especially since I make them with crochet…

In the end, I opted for bold bright colours, blue and red, and different charms hanging from it that would be more in line with a boy’s preferences. To be honest, I really love this dream catcher myself!

One of my favourite charms in this dream catcher is the dice. It looks so cool! The small bee in the middle of the net looks really nice as well.

It took me ages to wrap all the ring with the red yarn and I ended up with blisters on my fingers, but the result is a tight and neat outer ring.

Every dreamcatcher I’ve done so far has some small details, like the bells hanging at the bottom of the yarn.

There’s nothing better to protect your dreams than a dragon and a lion! Small details like these are what make the gift even more thoughtful.

All of them have a mixed of bone feathers and real ones! Some of them are beautiful!

They say dream catchers need to be blessed and done in certain ways, but mine are mainly decorative. However, I do believe in the power of one’s mind and gifts made with love so if my friend’s boy believes this dream catcher will protect him from bad dreams, I’m sure it will!


  1. How amazing is this?! I love it and want one of my own now — seriously, I really do, and I don’t expect it for free. This is brilliant, so much thought, care and effort clearly went into it.

    • marz says

      I’m glad you like it! Thank you, you are too kind.
      Actually, I sell them! Well, only sold 3 so far, but hey…

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