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Do things fast

When people around you have you as a very active person, as someone who wakes up early and even goes to bed late, who is always doing something, who has all the cool ideas; maybe you’re actually doing something right.

Usually, those around me make jokes about all the activities I am up to, and they actively comment on them.

Only a few weekends ago, I was introduced as someone who is training on different skills, such as running, to be ready for a zombie apocalypse (I keep wanting to write more about these plans and, well, generally write more about zombies, but not sure if you guys are interested in the subject at all…)

Last week, a colleague at work made a joke about me waking up very early to go for a run, do some bootcamp, and maybe even study maths and physics or something like that.

People are coming to me for tips on running, or whether I know where they can find a class about ___ (insert whichever activity).

Some friends have asked me for ideas on creative presents, or I’ve also been asked for help on writing copies for emails and invitations.

I’m not going to lie, I am an active person, but I am also very lazy.

I believe in the fact that a single hour can be plenty of time. Work fast, think fast, fail fast (if you must), then do it again until you get it right. The key word here is fast.

If I’m tired at work, it probably means I stayed up late, rather than waking up early. True, I probably stayed up doing stuff but lately I’ve been watching more series and films than creating pretty things.

I did say my plan is not to get fit, but to be ready for when there’s a zombie outbreak (and it’s happening, I’m telling you). I’m planning on learning how to run properly, which I’m currently training for, as well as learning archery, climbing, rowing, and a number of different disciplines. In reality, I’m mainly running, and not even that often.

However, I am full of ideas. I write and take photographs, and also create stuff, sometimes even pretty stuff! I’ve taught myself how to knit and crochet, pretty much thanks for the Internet, and I’m also learning HTML and coding in general on my own.

I think the trick to doing many things is to figure out your priorities, as well as realise that one single hour is a lot of time.

If you get home by 7pm from work, you might want to spend 30 minutes cooking, and start watching a film while eating. Well, you know you’re going to spend about 2.5 hours in front of the TV. By the time the film is finished, it will be already 10pm, and if you’re an early bird, that means you will be going to bed. There’s nothing wrong with that if that was what you wanted to do, but the following day we may bump into each other, or you might read some update on social media about what I did in the evening. It’s in those cases when people tell me: how can you do so many things?

I do watch films, I do, and I love it! But I also like doing other stuff. I just need to prioritise which one I rather be doing at any given time, or maybe try some multitasking.

In the past month or so I haven’t done much – if I’m completely honest, at least not crafty, other than the dream catcher; but I have a few projects lined up and waiting to be started or finished, which I will be updating you on very soon!

Bottom line: if you want, you can!

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

After searching for the author of this quote, I found about 3 different people, so I’m going to leave it blank!

Just be honest as to how long each task you do takes you, and you will see the amount of spare minutes you have at the end of the day! It’s not about skills, it’s about being efficient.

Also, being a night owl who doesn’t require many hours of sleep – that should help too!