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Adventures, running and music

If you know me at all, then you’ll know I’m pretty much always up to something (have you read any of my latest posts on the subject? ha-ha)

There have been a couple of things that I’ve been doing lately.

One of them was going on an adventure day with a bunch of friends. You can read the first instalment of the awesome day we had over here. This is a guest post I wrote for my friend Jay at The Flat-Footed Adventurer.

Also, last Saturday I ran the We Own The Night run with Nike. It was a female only 10k run. I had never managed to run 10k without stopping before but I managed on Saturday! It wasn’t too difficult (not saying it was easy though!) and I managed to do it in just over an hour. Go me!

I was (still am) very happy with the results. Once again, it was a challenge, and I pushed myself to do it. I feel like I smashed it!

Unfortunately, my left knee has been hurting since then. Yes, that’s my “bad” knee, the evil one that’s been bothering me for the past 12 years! It’s a bit better today, so maybe tomorrow, hopefully, I will go for a short run (only 5k, please!).

Finally, the last interesting thing I’ve done lately has happened a mere couple of hours ago! We went with our African drumming class (Drum Africa) over to a pub and performed in front of a small audience and a couple of friends. We did the two songs we had been practising in our course, and some of it sounded great, and some sounded not that great, but it was great fun overall.

Another challenge for me, what with my stage panic and all that. It was the first time I was performing, and I think the fact that there really wasn’t a stage helped. We even had to sing for a bit, a couple of lines only, and it wasn’t that bad. I’ve been thinking about performances and stuff you do on the spotlight, and that’s another thing I would like to try at some point, to get more confident in front of people and do stuff. Today it was just a small step towards it!

So you see? Every day there’s a new challenge for me!

If you want to read a bit about my adventure day head over to my guest blog post and have a read, maybe leave a comment there! I will be writing about the rest of the activities soon enough as well so keep an eye out for them!