I just want to show you a few pictures of my immediate family – not everyone though! So far, here are my parents and my nan. As soon as I manage to get proper pictures of my brother I will try to show them here too.

Dad in black and white
Mum in black and white
I like these two pictures because they were completely unprepared! They were taken some time ago during summer.

Parents in sepia
I love this picture, because they show a great loving couple after more than 30 years of marriage!

Nan in black and white
I can’t believe I managed to get a picture of my nan where she doesn’t appear covering her face. She doesn’t like appearing in pictures!

Whenever my parents come to London, we walk and walk for hours!

Parents in black and white
I’m glad I have fun parents – and a bit crazy!

My mum is always up to something, and always making jokes.

Here, my nan was probably telling me off for taking her picture!!

I hope you liked this peek at my family! More stuff to come soon!