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Many faces

I was supposed to write a post on Sunday! If you were waiting for it, sorry!

Anyway, here it is now:

Lately, I’ve realised how different people have different opinions about me. I think each person normally only gets to see a side of me only. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I were some sort of two-faced one (is it me or that sentence just looks weird?) but the way I see it is more like a multifaceted diamond. There you go, I’m a diamond! Ha!

Imagine a massive one though. If you’re standing on one side, you can’t possibly see all the other sides it has (it has to be a really big diamond though, not a size 0, mini one!). See? That’s the main issue. Some people get to see different sides of me at different times (the more they know me, the more different situations they’ll see me in) but otherwise, it’s just work-me, or pub-me, or running-me (not much of this last one lately, I know).

So, to give a little bit of insight about myself, here’s what I’m going to do: below you will find a list of some of my all time favourite songs ever (in no particular order!) Some of them are really old, some are quite new, but they all are songs I normally listen a couple of times a week, or even every day!

I’m wondering if you will get surprised with some of them, we’ll see…

(it’s the first time I try putting that many youtube videos and stuff in just one post, so let me know all and any problems you might have, for future reference! Hope it all works)

1. Ante Up – M.O.P.

2. Parklife – Blur

3. One More Night – Maroon 5

4. Bounce – Calvin Carris

5. Fortress Europe – Asian Dub Foundation

6. Good Riddance – Green Day

7. No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand

8. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Michael Buble version

9. Lies – Fenech Soler

10. It Will Follow The Rain – The Tallest Man On Earth

11. Only Love – Ben Howard

12. Gimme Your Love – Ryk

13. Baby I Love You – The Yayhoos

14. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

And just because it’s my favourite band of all times…

15. Jesus Of Suburbia – Green Day

There are many more, of course, but these are the ones that hold special places in my heart/playlist!

If you are in Spotify, here’s the playlist:

So, did I surprise you at all?

What are your favourite songs?