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Back to “school”

It’s been a couple of busy weeks indeed…

The moving went well, especially thanks to a friend who helped us out by renting a van. We had to do a couple of trips to get everything to the new place, but it all worked out well in the end.

I have been packing and unpacking and tidying and cleaning… and you all know how much I hate all of those! Anyway, the new flat is almost ready. There’s still one annoying mattress in the middle of the living room that they haven’t removed yet, but well, life can’t be perfect.

Now, I even have a TV that is connected to an aerial, so I get a lot of channels – too many, if you asked me. After two years without a TV, I’m getting a bit hooked up on the usual rubbish but addictive programs about people’s problems and eating disorders and all that. Hopefully it will just be a phase and I will get back to normal soon.

One of the cons of moving is the lack of internet connection for a long time. Hopefully, tomorrow an engineer will go to the place to install the telephone line, and then we will have internet. I have the WordPress app for my phone, but I must say I’m not keen on using it for writing a post. I don’t really like how it works and mainly use it for checking stats and as a reader.

Anyway, back to work, so I can now schedule my posts to go at the required dates and forget about it!

The main piece of news I can talk about is that I’m planning to go on a photo walk this weekend, most likely Saturday, since I haven’t taken my camera out in ages (that is if I manage to find the charger!) and I miss taking photographs. Hopefully, I will have some nice pics to show you on Sunday. However, I wanted to ask you: where do you recommend I go to take photographs? Are there any areas you know that would look nice in a photo? Or maybe some spot that would challenge my skills?

I find that the most difficult part for me to go out, camera on hand, is the motivation of an area to explore. I know there are many photographic challenges out there that require that you explore a well-known area, so you can see it in a different way, but that’s not motivating me right now, so… what would you suggest?

I’m really looking forward to your suggestions!