Project – Vintage doily lampshade

I don’t remember exactly when it was that I started crocheting… I think it was in February 2012…

Here’s one of the first things I ever crocheted:
Yes, that’s it, a single chain of yarn. I had become curious about it and decided to try it out. I bought a hook and some light yarn (to be able to see what I was doing) and got on Youtube and started searching for tutorials.

Possibly in the same day, I did this:
Just a straight, simple rectangle of yarn. I added it a button and did something to cover a jar. Simple.

Soon enough, I was experimenting a bit more…
Since then, I’ve been crocheting different things, from a Yoda hat I took on a ski trip, to a Cthulu and a Sackboy. You can see them here.

I’m also trying to make a crocheted Afghan blanket, but that one is a long term project.

Funnily enough, most of the people who know me personally, but not that well enough, find it difficult to believe that crocheting and knitting are two of my hobbies!

A while ago, when I was still living at my old flat, my friend Su gave me a couple of IKEA lamps that she wasn’t using anymore. As soon as I saw them I thought about this, which I had seen before on Pinterest and thought it would be nice to try to do the same, from scratch, and in my true style, I forgot about it.

In June, it was Su’s birthday, and I decided I was going to do one of the lamps for her and the other one would be for me. It’s a “cheap” present, in the sense that the lamps were hers originally, but to me it was very special, as she would have given me something mass made and inexpensive, and I would return to her something (hopefully) beautiful.
I thought a few weeks would be enough to work on this… I was wrong! I only finished the lamp (yes, only one, I’m afraid) last weekend, so on Monday, I gave Su her present, late.

Despite being that late, she actually liked it, which I’m really glad about (imagine, all that time for her to tell me she hates it! Phew!) and so now, I can share the photographs with you, which I’ve been dying to do since I started working on this project.

In case you’re curious, all the doilies I’ve used are from this book, which has come in very handy.

Here are the photos, which I hope you’ll like!


The lamp has a black lampshade and the bottom is clear greyish plastic…


I wrapped all the cables and the place where the bulb goes in newspaper, so I could spray it all. First, I used an undercoat.

After that, I sprayed on with some gold paint, using the Montana Goldchrome spray.

Here’s the finished lamp. It took me many hours, and pain in my fingers from using the hook!

When I took the lampshade apart, I realised the rings were not attached to each other, which mean that the lampshade ended up a bit wonky. I had to use thread to create tension so that it would appear as ironed as it was!

Oops! I guess I didn’t let it dry as long as I should have… Shhh! Don’t tell Su!

All doilies were made on their own, then sewn together.

I really like the fact that it’s not symmetrical!

It looks really pretty, doesn’t it? I hope my friend will enjoy it for many years to come!

I can’t believe that not so long ago I had barely heard about crocheting, and now I’ve made this lamp! It was hard work, and I spent many hours on it, but I think it’s really worth it!

What do you think? Do you like it?


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