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Y.h. Clothing

I am not sure how this post is going to turn out, as it’s the first time I try to do something like this.

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about showing other people’s work, share it with all of you, but every time I’ve started writing the actual post, I’ve felt a bit silly about it.

Everyone around me inspires me and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by exceptional artists. Some of them I know in person, others are in my circle of friends and friends-of-friends – that doesn’t mean their work doesn’t inspire me too!

From photography to crafts, from music to illustration, from writing to cooking, I would like to start sharing with you the hard work that people around me are doing towards what they love the most, and how some of them are actually quite successful at it.

Before I go ahead and introduce the first, I would like to add that I’m doing this for the only reason of showcasing others’ work. I am not getting paid by this, nor receiving any freebies. I don’t expect anything in return from any of these artists. I just want to show you all the amazing stuff they do and only ask this of you in return: visit their pages, and if you like what you see, let them and me know, share it with the world!

This is as part of my previous posts about a handmade life, about creating and doing what you love. I’m always showing what I do, I think it’s time to expand the repertoire and let you see beautiful work.

To help me in this quest, and to keep everything organised, I’m creating a series of posts:

It goes without saying, but all the images presented in each of these posts belong to each of the artists, and I take no credit for any of them!

I hope you enjoy it!

Update: Both the Facebook page and the website for Y.h. Clothing seem to be down, after the sisters decided to focus on different projects. For this reason, the links are not working and the illustrations don’t show anymore, so I’ve deleted those. You can still contact Cathy Kai YIN Kwan and Eileen Kai HING Kwan on their respective pages and websites.

As you can see on their Y.h. Clothing Facebook page, the brand was co-founded by twins Cathy Kai YIN Kwan and Eileen Kai HING Kwan in 2012.

They are based in London, and they create beautiful bags and clothing with eye-catching designs which will awaken your imagination. At the moment, their website is being re-vamped and getting ready for the launch of the new AW’13 collection, but I really can’t wait to see what new designs they will come up with! In their page they already give us a sneak peek. Look at the detail of the fur, isn’t it amazing?

(Image removed)

They have also sold items by means of pop up stalls (so much fun!) so you should always keep an eye on their page to find out when and where the next one is happening!

All the designs on their products have been illustrated, handcut onto lino and then handprinted by them, and whilst the sisters’ creations have some similarities, in the sense that they both play with proportions and expressions, and impossible depth and gestures (and they both know how to get detailed!) their illustrations are quite different from one another.

I love the inspiration taken from classic books and fables, like these images of The Swollen Fox or Alice in Wonderland.

(Images removed)

If you look at their Facebook pages, you will see two very different styles, with Eileen’s (Hing) being more romantic and subtle, and Cathy’s (Yin) pretty colourful and strong. I wonder if the twins are like that in their lives as well?

Without further ado, I would like to share with you some of my favourite images, which link to their pages. I hope you like them!

(Images removed)

I don’t want to share too many, so you can have a look at their pages, but aren’t those illustrations amazing?

So, just to re-cap! If you want to have a look at their illustrations, you can visit their Facebook pages, where you’ll find the different ways of getting in touch with them:

Eileen Kwan
Cathy Kwan

And if you’re after an exclusive designer item, make sure to have a peek at Y.h. Clothing!

What do you think? Talented, right?


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