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Don’t look at me that way… I told you I was going to be busy these couple of months! Today is 23rd and guess what, not a single word has been written on my novel. I guess that settles it then: NaNoWriMo has beaten me this year. Ah well.

To be honest with all of you, I haven’t really sat at my computer lately. I’ve been out and about, and have had many things on my mind (currently, my bathroom pretty much falling apart is key and foremost!) It’s OK. I’ve realised I wasn’t probably in the right place.

So, I think someone is trying to jinx me. However, as my friend Sergio and my brother would say, most of it is coming up Milhouse! My phone’s battery is bonkers, it seems, and when I rang my provider, they had run out of batteries (as in, literally, they didn’t have any in stock), so they decided the best was to put credit on my account so I could order one off Amazon. That worked really well, only I had it sent to the office, but was working from home on Friday, so couldn’t retrieve it. A colleague that lives nearby was supposed to bring it, but we haven’t managed to meet up. Ah well, life!

Also, my FuelBand broke. I miss it. A lot. I got in touch with Nike+ and they didn’t have my size, so they gave me a promo code so I could order a new one… A promo code I can use on the newest one, the FuelBand SE! So far, so great! I should receive it next week, I can’t wait.

The bathroom stuff… I think it’s better not to talk about, to be honest. We have a leak coming from the flat above. It seems the bathroom upstairs looks like ground zero of some catastrophe, yet the guys didn’t report it to the landlady. So now, water is coming through our ceiling. The handymen seem to have stopped it for now, but as soon as the neighbours use their shower, it will leak again. Speaking of which, our shower has decided to go on strike. It’s been interesting to try to wash my hair with a jug of hot water… Especially when we don’t have a bath. I think I didn’t do too much of a mess!

Ah, life… One got to love these obstacles that life presents you, which prove you’re alive, don’t you think? However, I can only think that something good is coming our way. Whenever times are a bit tougher, there has to be a respite at some point. I just hope this doesn’t last too long!

All in all, I really can’t wait for November to end… possibly also December, and start already with 2014. This year hasn’t been amazing on my family, so I won’t be sad to see it go.

It’s been truly a long time since the last time I published a post, and somehow, today’s one feels a bit like a diary entry. I guess I’m trying to come up with a topic, but since my mind is blank, I just want to let you know I’m still here, I guess, who knows.

All I can think of at the moment is how busy the next few weeks are going to be. Not only I’m going to be training like crazy, but I also have the 10k run for Movember, and a lot of social events to attend, with work and friends. Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap!

At least I’m happy that I’m doing stuff, I’m achieving some of my 2013 objectives, and that’s a great thing. There are others I am far from reaching, but that’s fine, I wouldn’t want my life to be perfect anyway.

So… Today it’s Saturday. This post should go up tomorrow, but since it’s been a while, I’m publishing it today. Tomorrow I’ll be watching Catching Fire, with my brother (hopefully), as well as baking for Movember. I doubt I’ll have time, but if I do, I’ll say hi again.

Until next time, enjoy and take care!