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Happy 100th birthday!

I’m not that old! This is not my birthday, but the blog’s. Yes, I’ve managed to keep at it for 100th posts… and I’m still here, somehow.

Sure, I haven’t been posting in a while, but I’m still here and kicking!

So, as soon as I realised this was my 100th post, the question arose: what do you write about to celebrate this figure? It seems, the norm dictates that you write a sort of post about how much you and the blog have evolved since this journey was started, and that it’s something to be expected. Even one fan friend reader requested this! To be honest with all of you, that had been my initial idea… A beautiful post, not only about the recent Christmas, but also about how much I’ve evolved as a writer, blogger and person since I started publishing my thoughts. And to be even more honest with you, I started writing that post, and I got bored half way through. I mean, pretty much all my posts are about how much I’ve changed, or am still changing, how I’m not the same I was, and how I try to be a better person so… more of the same? I’m not so sure about that.

I was recently talking to someone who was telling me that “a year is really nothing, it goes so fast” and while I generally agree with that statement because, you know, time flies by and suddenly I’m finding myself having lived in London for 9 years or so; I have to admit that a year can change a life. Even a day can!

If you remember, at the beginning of the year I wrote about how much energy I had and how everything was going to be great for me and all that in this post. I wrote myself a letter to be opened in December and if I manage to find it (good old me…), it will be very interesting to read where I thought I would be by now. Once I’ve found it and read it, I’ll decide whether to post some excerpts in here.

So, true, many things have changed, and many others have stayed the same, but I’m not going to dwell long in all the details. As you know, there have been changes of flat, job, new friends, lost friends, reconnecting with old friends, more projects, many personal challenges, fitness, my brother moving to London… Instead of writing a super long post about all that, I decided to go through all the photos I’ve taken (most of them with my phone) and show you below.

I hope you enjoy them! Happy New Year!


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  1. Roseta says

    Me ha parecido interesante y bonito a través de imágenes, como ha transcurrido un año en tu vida. Besos.

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