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Photos from Christmas

I started the New Year in the best way I could: ill. It probably has something to do with the terrible weather we’re having in London these days, and also the fact that I hadn’t taken any vitamin C for the past couple of weeks. That, added to the high alcohol intake, has probably resulted in my immune system being a bit weak.

Silver linings, and all that though… I’m indoors, keeping warm, which means that once it’s only a matter of a sore throat and all the headaches are gone, I could catch up with some photography I’ve done during the holidays, and post it and all that.

Of course, it also meant that I missed what was supposed to be my first run of the year on Friday, and some shopping I wanted to do, but I’m keeping positive. I’ll see how I feel and maybe will go running tomorrow… Let’s cross some fingers!

When I logged in today, I had a notification congratulating me in my 2 year anniversary since I first joined WordPress. Really cool stuff. It seems “writing a blog” was probably one of my New Year resolutions, two years ago, and here I am now.

Since it’s been a while since I last shared some proper photos with you, other than my 2013 recap post, that is, let’s get cracking!

I hope you like the photos below and if you would like to see more, just head over to my flickr!

We spent Christmas Day at my friend Su’s place. She was kind enough to invite us with her family, since we were spending Christmas away from our own family.

We even exchanged presents with them! The tree was full of presents for everyone.

I loved how Su had all the Christmas cards displayed. I’m copying this idea for next year!

My brother and I tried to go to Winter Wonderland one day, and failed miserably when we saw the queues and amount of people, so we decided to leave it for another time. After Christmas, we thought people would be less into it, so we tried again and bingo! Here are some photos:

Love the deer skull here… Although I hope it was ethically sourced.

There’s something about the bright lights of a fair at night that I find extremely beautiful.

My brother had to stand still for a while, until I managed to get a sharp photograph where he was on focus with my camera, which insisted on focusing on the merry-go-round behind him. I think he had had enough by then…

Every time I go to a fair, I love the balloons. I wish I had bought one for myself!

What did you do over Christmas? Did you get to visit Winter Wonderland (if you were in London)?