On your marks…

I officially declare training season begun.

For the past month (ish), I’ve been procrastinating massively. I’ve been so lazy. My usual routine has been TV and food, and sleep. Of course, this has resulted in the scales getting back at me in a very rude manner, but I am onto them now…

To make things easier, it started on Monday. Finally, after quite a while dodging it, I went to zumba with my friend Su. We miscalculated the time, so we had to run a bit to ensure we caught the train, which we managed, but that short outburst of exercise left me winded. Ouch.

Fitness levels: -3.

The class was actually nice. It wasn’t crazy hard, but of course, having no hand-hip-foot coordination whatsoever, I found it difficult. If I tried to just move to the sound, I could, but as soon as I tried to move nicely, I was getting all confused. We also did a lot of arm exercises, during a full song, which was painful, but I really liked as normally I don’t work the arms at all.

60 minutes, and over 1600 Nike fuel points later, I was tired and sweaty, but feeling refreshed.

Fitness levels: +0

When I got home, I decided an egg omelette sandwich was a good dinner – something simple and quick which would allow me to go to bed early.

Weird enough, I wasn’t hurting yesterday, which of course leads me to think that I didn’t work out as much, or maybe I wasn’t as unfit as I thought, who know!

Tuesday, that was my properly-getting-back-to-running day. The aim was to do a short, easy run, to start moving again, and in preparation for the schedule that is to follow. For some reason, I didn’t think things through, and I was missing my earphones, a headband, and other stuff, so I had to make do. I grabbed a t-shirt from somewhere and cut it, in order to make a headband; and used some other earphones I found lying around on my desk (which weren’t the best, but that’s life when you’re forgetful).

I headed down to the office gym and started by walking slowly on the treadmill for a couple of minutes. I decided I would run for as long as it felt right, but I would push myself a little over an “easy run”, see how it would go. I set off at an easy pace, and after 10 minutes, I increased the pace a bit, and after another 5 minutes I increased it again. At some point, I was running quite fast (although slower than I have in the past) and I ended up running for 25 minutes in total. I know it’s not much, but I’m quite satisfied. I felt great after the run.

Fitness levels: +3.

When I got home, and after slipping on my Wonder Woman onesie and resting for a bit, I started cooking. Unfortunately, the noodles I wanted to make didn’t look pretty, so I had to throw them away. I prepared all the vegetables, and high quantities of chili, and then decided to cook spaghetti instead (some type of noodles?) which worked quite nicely. I think I ate more than I should have, but I was really hungry – I blame it on the fact that my body hasn’t been used to working out in a while and next time it will be fine; there’s still plenty for today’s lunch.

Today my whole body hurts. I think all my pains are catching up and having a party in my muscles. I am wearing heels, as we have our Christmas team outing this evening, and I can feel the stiffness in my calves. I can’t stop yawning.

This morning I bought a croissant, but then my friend Oummou appeared offering crepes and Nutella, and who can resist a chocolaty crepe? So I took 2. Damn… As I felt guilty, I divided one of them and shared it with different people. It’s fine, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

As some of you might know, I’ve signed up for an obstacle race with colleagues. 10 glorious ks. This will happen a month before my half marathon, and right after the ski trip. I should be ready, running-wise, for this by then, as I’m following a running schedule, but I’m a bit worried about the obstacle element of the race, as I’ve never done anything like that before. It’s not as crazy as a Tough Mudder or similar ones, but it still looks pretty scary.

A couple of friends have told me about this Insanity workout (crazy max interval training sort of thing). It looks cool, but I think I’m going to pass on that one. I don’t have any upper body strength, but I’m hoping to get some by doing a bit of weights, some push ups, crunches, and plank. Boxercise will definitely help, once it starts again next week.

Have you ever run an obstacle race? How do you train for it? How did you find it? Do you have any tips for me?