just random stuff

Writing about nothing…

I was writing a post and half way through I pressed ctrl+z by mistake and it all went poof!, deleted. Ah well, round two, I guess…

I was just saying that the weekend has been interesting, yet boring. Friday was nice, I went for a drink with my date, and while the bar was cool, and the views were amazing, I must say that I wasn’t wowed. The girls there were dressed like bimbos, and the drinks were quite expensive (the guys were dressed as City guys, mainly, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from that area). So, slightly disappointed by the place.


We had fun though. Even though we’re definitely not meant for each other, we laughed and chatted for a few hours, before trying to brave the elements and fight the wind that was raging outside.

As usual, coming back home turned into a quest. I had to take a different route, as I had just missed my train, and I ended up in the middle of nowhere, waiting for a bus that actually took me home in about 10 minutes, so not that bad!

Yesterday was boring. I decided I didn’t feel like doing anything, so that’s what I did (or didn’t!) and since I had a headache for most of the day, it was just as well – I’m going to see the doctor again this Friday, see if they can shed any light on the matter.

Today was laundry day. The place was empty, so I just chatted with the lady who works there. I rushed back home to receive the groceries, and then cooked, listening to music.

Ah well, this week is going to be fun!

Tomorrow I’m doing screen printing for the first time ever, which should be fun. On Tuesday, I am watching a sewing program with my friend, as we want to get ideas for a series of posts.

I am full of ideas, the only thing missing is the drive right now. For some reason, the sofa is calling me a lot these days (maybe something to do with the doctor’s appointment on Friday?)

Anyway, I’ll let you know how the week goes. Hope you’re all doing great and living the life!!

Take care!