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Marching into March!

Sorry about the cheesy title, but it definitely feels like I’m marching in here… There are way too many things in my head at the moment, fighting each other for a spot in this blog. If I decided to write about all of them, it would create the longest post ever, and I would probably lose half of you within the first few paragraphs. And we don’t want that…

It’s a new month, and as such, I was thinking I could do some sort of recap of what’s happened so far, and what’s about to happen in March.

So far, nothing has happened! Haha

OK, that’s not entirely true, but damn, February has been a tough month for me. I feel a bit like a deflated balloon. There are many reasons for this, some are reasonable, some others are mere excuses, and there’s a bit of a mix between psychological and physical reasons there, but well, February is over. At last.

There’s an issue with that sentence, however. March is always a bit of an intense month for me, because of my birthday (insert dramatic music here).

Anyway, so what’s in store for me, and of course, all of you, my faithful readers, this month? Let’s do it by order of appearance in the calendar, shall we?

I decided to start the month with a bit of oomph and wake up early (ish) this morning and make a smoothie for breakfast. The idea would have been to also work out a bit but I decided to take baby steps and do work out in the evening – damn 30 day abs challenge… which I keep not doing, but hey, I’ve enlisted 2 other people to do this challenge with me, so I’m confident they will kick my bum if I become lazy, literally.

Tonight, as every Monday, I will be at Zumba. I haven’t been for the past 2 weeks, due to other commitments, but I’m back! Since our Mexican teacher is back as well, I’m already sweating, just thinking about it… I’ve never seen a more energetic person before!

Tomorrow, it’s date night – we think… I am not too sure on that one. I think the guy will end up cancelling, but I’ll let you know how it goes!

On Wednesday, the whole team are going for drinks and dinner, so that will be fun!

In about 2 weeks, on 16th March, I will be travelling to Morzine, in France, for the company ski trip. I managed to convince a friend to snowboard with me, so I wouldn’t be on my own (everyone is a skier this year, except me!). I didn’t go last year, so I’m really looking forward to it this time. I just hope I won’t get too eager and injure myself.

As soon as I’m back from that trip, I’m leaving again for Paris. I decided to spend my birthday over there, visiting my friend and just pampering myself a bit (given how much money I currently have in my account, it will be a very low-key sort of pampering, I’m afraid). I haven’t seen her in ages, so I can’t wait. Also, I am looking forward to being in Paris for my birthday, hell yeah!

I’ll be pretty much arriving back home, unloading all my snow-related stuff, and grabbing my Paris-ready suitcase and leave! It’s going to be tiring, but lots of fun, I’m sure.

And of course, at the end of the month, I’ll be running The Major Series – if I’m still alive by then, that is.

As it’s my friend Sam’s birthday on the 18th (don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!) we have decided to celebrate both birthdays together when I’m back from my trips, which means it’ll probably be on the same day as the obstacle race… Good times!

I’ve also started spreading the word out that maybe this year I don’t want any presents, but want people to help me pay for a tattoo I’ve been meaning to get and can’t afford anymore. A couple of my friends have already told me it’s a great idea, but I wonder if they will be on board. Only time will tell!

Hopefully I’ll give you another update on Wednesday, so keep an eye out!