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New platform and old question

As part of trying out new stuff, I decided to give Tumblr a go, after a friend recommended it to me (it was more like insisted that I try it) and created a Tumblr blog for my blog (if that makes any sense at all… who knows!?)

I have to admit that despite being quite good at all this social media malarkey, and picking up different platforms quickly, I am still somewhat unsure about Tumblr. I don’t seem to get the hang of it, but maybe because so far I’m using it like I use Twitter.

Anyway, as usual, there is a point to my rambling.

I decided to use Tumblr in a different way, or try at least. More like a platform where to post short thoughts and random stuff that I wouldn’t post here, such as a nagging question, or a crazy idea that crosses my mind. Of course, I also follow other blogs, so I guess from time to time you will see photos of surfing, or tattoos, or stuff like that.

One of the questions I put out there was for people to let me know what sort of topics they would like me to write about. It’s a question I’ve asked before, and a question that hasn’t received many answers, for some reason…

Of course, I only have like 2-3 followers there, so let’s be honest, the chances of someone replying were minimal. However, one person did – my friend! I have great friends, by the way, supportive and caring, so I consider myself lucky. He mentioned he would like to see more entertainment, more posts about films or series or stuff like that.

To give you some context, we normally talk about comics, zombies, or similar things and of course, those are topics that I don’t touch much in here.

To do more of this entertainment sort of posts, I would have to actually go to the cinema more often which, despite having an unlimited card, I don’t do. I could talk about series I watch, but I’m not sure everyone would be up for that!

My friend and I have talked about Spiderman quite a lot, and about the fact that I prefer The Amazing Spiderman film, with Andrew Garfield, than the Tobey Maguire versions. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the films, I just don’t like Tobey Maguire.

And therein lies the issue. He prefers Maguire. I have nothing against the dude, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like him. I don’t like the fact that he seems forever stoned, and that he has that sort of dim-witted smile (sorry, Tobey…)

I haven’t seen many of his films, maybe just a couple, but he’s never struck me as an actor with a great register of faces and moods. To me, he’s a bit wooden. When I watched The Great Gatsby, even though I loved the film, he left me quite indifferent. That’s the word, indifference.

Similarly, I haven’t seen many of Garfield’s films, possibly even fewer! I remember seeing The Social Network though, and thinking that he plays a good nerd, or a good awkward sort of guy.

When I first watched Spiderman, and learnt Tobey Maguire was to be Peter, I was disappointed. I don’t think Kirsten Dunst would have been my choice for MJ either, but I think I learnt to like her in that role (I’m still unsure about her though, and looking forward to see who they’re going to cast for the similar role in the new versions, if they decide to include her).

As I said, I liked the films. The SFX were great (to my liking anyway), the storyline flowed well for me, we had the origin story in there, and the bad guys were bad. Yay. However, every single time Tobey Maguire appeared on screen, I cringed.

Many of you critics might be rolling your eyes and flexing your fingers, readying yourselves for a caustic response, full of data, past critics from Rotten Tomatoes, acclamation of the masses, and whatever. Please, do so (at least it would drive some traffic to the blog! *wink). However, it doesn’t matter how many facts you present me, it will still be a subjective matter to me, and I still don’t like him.

When I learnt about the new remake, I really wasn’t interested. We had had the previous films released recently, and they were doing a remake way too soon. Pffft… However, I thought that maybe, whoever was making this new film had felt the same way as I had about the casting, and had decided to make a better version. Ah well, I’m a sucker for Spiderman anyway, so I kept an eye out. After, I learnt that they were doing The Amazing Spiderman, which already piqued my interest. Then, that Gwen was going to appear and that Emma Stone had been casted for the role. Finally, Andrew Garfield was going to be Peter Parker.

Whether you think that he fits the character physically or not, is one thing (possibly Tobey Maguire is more similar to Peter, or would be if he had a skinnier complexion). Certainly, the crazy bad-hair-day look Garfield always has isn’t how Peter was pictured in the comic books, but he’s skinny, sort of puny-ish. To me, Garfield is funny and sarcastic, and his Peter is a proper geek, which we can see clearly in the film. Maguire’s Peter is a bit too dopey for my liking (I realise I’m not being particularly kind here…)

I would like to make a side note to talk about the two love interests in these films, or rather, the actresses.

I’ve seen more films of the two of them than of the guys, maybe they’ve made more?

I think I might have first seen Kirsten Dunst in Interview with the Vampire where I thought she did a great job. Possibly, due to that role, and the fact that I can’t help but think that she has really pointy teeth, I sort of mistrust her a bit. Little Women, Jumanji or The Virgin Suicides, I have no complaints about her. Some characters (some films) gave her more or less room to show her skills, but that’s a different point.

Regarding films she’s done after Spiderman, I think I’ve only seen her on Mona Lisa Smile, and I don’t seem to remember much of her acting, so I guess it didn’t make a great impact on me… Or maybe I’m getting old!

I had seen Emma Stone in a few of her films: Easy A, Crazy, Stupid Love and The Help. I also happened to watch Gangsta Squad before Spiderman and let me tell you, I love this lady. I think she’s a great actress, even if the films she’s done so far weren’t amazing-Oscar winning films (except The Help, awesome movie!) but she’s cute, relatable, and adaptable to different roles.

I haven’t seen any other of her films, but overall, once again, I prefer the relationship portrayed in The Amazing Spiderman. It probably has something to do with the fact that I always resented Gwen not being even hinted at in the previous ones, and that relationship it’s a defining one in Peter’s life.

Anyway, these are my full thoughts on the matter, rather than just small comments here and there, about why I prefer Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman. My friend is probably shaking his head in disbelief, and coming up with a reply. I can’t wait to hear it!

Finally, I leave you with this, in where Stan Lee mentions what he thinks of Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, when he misunderstands a question and then makes everyone laugh when he actually gets it (min. 4:10)

PS. I realise I said I would update you on my evening in today’s post, but I’m reserving that story for another moment!