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On doubting myself

Hello there!

How was your week? I hope you haven’t been as busy as I have!

Today I want to tell you about what I was up to yesterday…

My friends were performing at The Underbelly in Hoxton Square. They had asked me to take photos of the gig, so they could use them on their Facebook page and website – Halloween Jack. I of course said yes, of course! and started fretting about the quality of the photos and how difficult it was going to be to take pictures in a dark venue, and wouldn’t it be better if they asked another one of our friends, since he had already taken photos of them and they actually looked good…

Even when I seized the opportunity, I didn’t think it was awesome and that it would be a piece of cake. I thought it was awesome, but also that it was going to be a disaster and I was going to be a failure. When I told people around me that I was worried about not doing a good job, everyone replied with encouraging messages and assured me that my photos are great and everything was going to be fine (I have amazing, supportive friends). Even if that made me feel a bit better, I was still nervous. I was probably feeling a worse case of stage fright than the band themselves!

Anyway, fast forward to last night, and there I was, camera in hand and shaking like… a leaf in … a hurricane… or something.

I currently have 3 different lenses, so there I was, worrying that I might have brought the wrong ones, and wondering what I could do to fix it. I couldn’t use a flash, because I didn’t want to blind the band members, and it was quite dark…

In the end, the gig happened and I took the photos. I haven’t looked at them properly, but a quick glance tells me that indeed some of them are extraordinary dark, but there are more than a few that I can work with. I’ll be able to tell you if the experience was a success or a failure once I’ve gone over the carnage.

However, one thing did happen. I spoke to the singer of one of the other bands, and she’s going to let me know when they play next, so I can maybe pop over to their gig and take photos of them. Who knows, this might become my new career! Ha-ha

As soon as I can, I’ll share some of the photos with you, but in the meantime, take care!