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A little bit about me

Wow, thanks for all the visits and comments (most done on a face to face basis) about the sneak preview of the gig’s photos! I’m really glad you guys liked them, and I hope you will like the rest.

I’m not sharing any more for now, because I’m talking to the band so we can decide who will share which ones first, before they get out for everyone to see. Lots of collaboration here! However, I want to thank you again for your feedback and support, you guys are the best!

Today, I would like to write about something else, nothing to do with photography or my usual personal challenges.

Since I’ve been around music stuff lately, and I’m always listening to my own playlists on a daily basis (you can’t imagine the struggle when my phone was malfunctioning and I couldn’t listen to music during my commute!), I’ve decided to share my latest favourite songs with you. So, here’s a usual “what I’m listening to” list. Don’t get used to it! Unless you really like it, in which case, let me know and I’ll keep them coming.

So, let me present you the 10 songs currently on my playlist. I wonder if you have heard them all before!

  1. Thousands Of Lines – Electric President
  2. I heard this one first on the video below and not only I loved the song, but the video is so amazing that I suddenly wanted to become a longboarder… which isn’t happening any time soon!

  3. Doll – Indiana
  4. I’m not really sure where or how I came across this one. Normally, I hear a song I like in a film or an ad, and I get Shazam to find out who sings it. Then, I have a look around Spotify for more songs of that artist/band, and that’s how I’ve found many of the songs I’m currently listening to. Sometimes I looked at the similar artists available too. I think this is one of those times.

  5. Last Request – Paolo Nutini
  6. I first heard about this guy while watching The Graham Norton Show, with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx. I love all his songs, but this one is my favourite.

  7. I’ll Drown – Soley
  8. I think what I like of this song is that is slow and weird. I mean weird as a good thing! Her voice is awesome, and you have all this background voices going on, the music suddenly stops… I don’t know, I’m drawn to it.

  9. Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot
  10. My friend showed me this band when I went to visit her in Paris. She told me she thought I would like it and that it was my style. She was right! The rhythm of this song makes want to dance around. Listen baby, your wish is my command… [dances around]

  11. Down The Road – C2C
  12. I already shared this song with my Facebook friends. These guys are… unbelievable (C2C, I mean, although my friends are pretty cool too). They’re fun to watch, and boy, they’re skilled! My friend showed me a live performance in some French TV program, and I’ve been listening to C2C ever since.

  13. First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes
  14. Simply love the lyrics. I think I heard it in an ad. It relaxes me, and maybe even make me feel a bit nostalgic, ok…

  15. Holy Grail – The Rubens
  16. I found The Rubens thanks to the Lone Ranger film – their song Cowboy was featured there. As usual, I checked for more songs and this one stuck with me. Deep lyrics and beautiful music, what’s not to like?

  17. Express Yourself – Labrinth
  18. This one is my friend Su’s favourite songs… We used to listen to it at zumba, and this song meant painful arms. I loved it because it was a chilled song, and it was one I didn’t need any overall body coordination. I’m ok with arm exercises! Now, listening to it makes me happy.

  19. Lemon Tree – Fools Garden
  20. No idea where I heard this one the first time, but it’s one of those songs I play first thing in the morning (yup, I have like 4-5 to help me get started) and the music of this one always gets me smiling and (badly) singing!

These songs inspire me to different levels. Some of them lift my spirits, others put me in a creative mode. Some of them are songs I need to listen to in order to start my morning with energy. I just wanted to share a bit more about myself so you can get to know me more.

What about you? Are there any songs you currently can’t stop listening to?