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More photos from Paris, or Part II

Hello, me here!

As part of trying to finish things I have half done, and also of posting frequently (and with an actual schedule, imagine!) I am going to try to keep things interested around here.

A while ago, I mentioned there were more photos from Paris to come, and here they are. If you want a refresher, the photos from Pere Lachaise are here. Of course, you can find all these and many more on my flickr stream, if you’re curious.

This is a small flower market my friend and I found ourselves. It’s behind Notre Dame.

I seem to take photos of the cathedral only from behind, for some reason… Next time I’m there (in a couple of weeks), I’ll try to take some from the front!

My friend took this photo of me. I’ve done a bit of post processing with the colours and such, but the composition and the rest are all hers!

So, this is Aissa, my friend. She’s the best guide to walk around Paris. She’s the one taking me to the best places: walking to the Louvre, awesome restaurants, and also the one that lets me crash at her place when I go, taking over her room and sofa!

As I said, I’m going back to Paris soon. I will be there for about a week, possibly staying at Aissa’s, possibly staying at another friend’s. As usual, I can’t wait to go!

That’s all from me today, I hope you liked the photos. I would love to hear your feedback, whether you like them or hate them, let me know!

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Roseta says

    Me encanta París, no pierdo la esperanza de volverla a visitar. La foto en blanco y negro del puente y el río me encanta, y la misma contigo también. Besos

    • marz says

      Gracias, me alegro que te gusten. Tengo muchas ganas de volver, pronto! Haré más fotos!

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