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Long weekend

As you know, we had a bank holiday over here, so we enjoyed a longer weekend, and boy, what a weekend it was.

The good thing about a long weekend is that you have time to be industrious, and time to waste, and you still feel like you’ve accomplished something.

We had Friday drinks at work, with some snacks, and I ended up leaving late, just chatting to people (and a bit tipsy, to be honest…)

On Saturday, I got up early to go watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with my friend George, and then we went for lunch. Despite having a headache, I decided to walk around London and visit some fabric shops and The London Graphic Centre after he left. I’m proud to report I didn’t overspend, as was my fear, especially since we hadn’t been paid yet!

Finally, I forced myself to go home and take painkillers, because walking was becoming a bit of a torture. I just lay down for a bit, and then watched the football.

The following day was a strange one. I was both lazy and busy. I watched series and also got started on the hoodie customisation, which was about time! Of course, since it had been ages since I had used my sewing machine, I barely remembered how to use it. Also, you might recall I had decided not to dissemble the garment, which was probably a mistake in hindsight. The fabric around the underarm creases, so I need to figure out a way of fixing it.

I also spent part of my weekend painting some plant pots. Actually, they weren’t plant pots to start with. The other day I bought a rosemary and a basil plants, and they’re currently on my kitchen counter, just there, hanging about, in the pots they came in. I took a couple of Marks & Spencer’s chocolate treats boxes, the round ones that look like big ice cream tubs, and sprayed them in gold. I also decided to paint a nice bottle I had that had raised letters and a really pretty shape, also in gold.

I left them to dry outside for a bit, but then it started raining, so I had to bring everything indoors. I have a big box with golden paint now in a corner of the living room.

Finally, I managed to buy supplies to work on a couple of projects I have on my list (not started them yet, and will try to resist temptation and not start until I finish the ones still half done!)

I want to make padded inserts to carry my camera around in any bag, and also make a tie. Then, my brother has asked me to fix his rucksack, and to make a bag for his climbing shoes, so I suddenly have plenty of crafts to spend my time on!

Between the crafts and the series, I also watched Veronica Mars, and with my brother we watched I, Frankenstein; both really cool movies. Both my brother and I were convinced Michael Fassbender appeared on I, Frankenstein, and we expected him to appear during the whole film. Of course, he isn’t in that movie… A bit disappointing, really.

Finally, I had to cancel the cinema on Sunday. The plan was to watch X-Men with some friends, but I wasn’t feeling that great, so I stayed in. Hopefully I will be able to catch up this week and watch that one and Godzilla!

Today, I had dim sum with a friend for lunch, thanks to one of those discount vouchers. It was awesome! Loving the dim sum a lot… And we had cocktails included in the voucher. I might have had a Dragon’s Whisper (tequila, Jack Daniel’s, honey, passion fruit and apple juice with a dash of ginger beer) which was delicious!

I think I could get used to all this…