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Makegood Festival

How was your weekend? Mine was actually a bit packed…

A friend has come to visit from Madrid. On Friday, we went to pick up the keys to the place he was staying in, and then we went out in Shoreditch (I know it’s not cool to like Shoreditch anymore, but I love it there!)

We ate and drank a lot of beer and, as usual, going back home was a nightmare, mainly because of my unbelievable skills to get lost. Of course, it didn’t help the fact that half of the streets were closed with road works and some bus stops were not in use… Finally, I managed to find a bus that would work for both of us, and we actually made it home in one piece! Yay!

On Saturday, despite the slight hangover, and my limping (I hurt my “good” knee again on Friday, before I even had a drop of beer! I’m definitely not ageing gracefully… Sigh), I got up early and went all the way to Deptford to ask about getting a new tattoo. The guys over there (Kids Love Ink) were quite nice and helpful. Usually, I feel extremely shy when I enter a new tattoo shop, and I think I was even stuttering at some point. I always have the feeling they’re going to think I’m lost or something… It reminds me of when I go to Games Workshop, where they always think I’m either lost or buying something for my brother/boyfriend/any other man in my family. The main difference is that GW doesn’t make me nervous, but tattoo parlours do. Don’t get me wrong! The staff at KLI didn’t make me feel like I was lost, it’s always in my head.

Anyway, I had to spend most of my day at home, since I could barely walk. I even had to take a nap at some point… and had a really strange dream, but I think those were more due to the hangover than anything else (that, and getting home quite late that night!)

Today, I went to the Makegood Festival, a crafts and start-up festival in Selfridges Hotel, with my friend Oummou.

We felt a bit like kids in a toy shop. There were stands with many beautiful items, most of them handmade.

We found out about this because of a blog I follow (that I recommended to my friend, since we both are trying to get into sewing), Tilly and the Buttons. Tilly, the blog’s creator, had a pop-up shop in the festival where she was selling her book. It was actually Oummou who noticed the festival, and when she told me about it, we knew we had to go.
Love at First Stitch Cover
My mission was to buy Tilly’s book from her, at the stand, and she even signed it! Now I just need the time to follow the projects and become a great seamstress. How’s that for a bit of daydreaming? Ha!
Love at First Stitch Signed
We had a long walk around the festival, stopping to chat with pretty much everyone, and got many ideas for our own personal projects, and also contacts in case we need them for work (entertainers, voice over… performers?, and many more!) and it was great fun. Unfortunately, walking around for a few hours hasn’t improved my knee situation at all.
Italy in a Box
Makegood Flyers
After doing the rounds, we left and went to Ed’s for a late lunch, and then back home.

Highlight of the day #1

Meeting someone whose blog I’ve been following for months.

Highlight of the day#2

Having my photo taken, “sexy” pose and all!

Highlight of the day #3

Isn’t this (wooden spoon) the best business card ever??
Auntie Mims
Tomorrow, I’m going to a concert with my friend from Madrid, Sara Bareilles is singing. I’ve never properly listened to her, just a couple of songs to know what I was getting myself into, but I think I’ll have fun.

Soon, I’ll be in Paris! I can’t wait to have a few days off when I know I have nothing to do – other than take photos of the city again, of course!