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I am in not such a great mood at the moment, so apologies for the lack of motivational stuff…

The reason is because on Sunday, I hurt my knee when doing Day 2 of Insanity, which sucks a lot. I haven’t done anything serious to it, but I’ve been told by the doctor to wear a crutch to avoid putting all my weight on it, and to not run or do any weird workouts for at least 3 weeks.

See? It sucks…

So, to avoid writing a negative post, I decided to share with you some pictures from my last trip to Paris. As usual, you can see more photos on flickr.

I hope you like them!

It felt right to give the photos a vintage look, for some reason. Maybe because I could imagine walking around these gardens when the nobility did (OK, there was no photography back then, but I don’t know how to do an oil painting)

Of course, the moment I saw the ram (Aries) I had to take a photo of it!

I didn’t take many photos this time around, not sure why; and once again, I didn’t take any photo of the front of Notre Dame. Actually, I didn’t take any photo of the cathedral… I guess I’ll have to go back to Paris again then!