Homemade weekend

Not being able to run about is tedious. Sure, I can walk, but I would rather be hopping here and there.

Since I have to rest the knee as much as possible, and I’m in a bad mood about it, I decided to be an indoors cat this weekend, and take it as easy as possible.

Good thing about being indoors is that you realise how much you miss the outdoors, I guess, but also, you catch up on projects. To be completely fair with all of you, I haven’t caught up on any of the projects I mentioned on this post, unfortunately. However, I have done a few other things.

I’ve finally fixed my brother’s rucksack. It’s not perfect, I’m afraid, and I didn’t manage to insert the top handle again without having a crisis with my sewing machine, but it’s usable again. I wouldn’t put too much weight in it though… just in case.

I’ve also done project #1 from Love at First Stitch, the book from Tilly, at Tilly and the Buttons.

The project is a headscarf. Simple enough, it’s just a rectangle, folded by half and sewn closed. It was all going great until I had to close the gap in the middle (needed to turn the band inside out) and then it all got a bit wonky. Still, I guess the lines are relatively straight. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would pass Patrick Grant’s scrutiny…


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Finally, yesterday I baked biscuits. I’m not sure what type of biscuits they are, they’re a bit like shortbread, but it did say biscuit on the recipe from BBC Good Food. Because I was in a silly mood, I decided to cut them into bone shapes, like dog treats, which not only made them look cute, but I’m convinced they also taste better!

Awesome biscuits!!! They're bone shaped, by they're for people, because why not?

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Since there’s still some weekend left, I thought I would get started on the knitting needle bag I talked about a few posts ago. I’m still unsure as to what I’m doing there, so it might be a big mess, but I guess first thing to do is research, and then draw a plan/pattern. I’ll keep you updated.

Regarding my knee… Well, it’s still attached to the rest of the leg, and that’s a good thing, I guess. It does hurt a bit still if I force it on stairs, so I guess I still have to take it easy.

This is going to get boring very quickly.