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One leg stands

OK, this is already starting to get boring. I’m still on crutches.

It’s been already longer than a week, and my knee should be getting better, only it isn’t. As soon as I have to walk more than 200m, or have to climb a flight of stairs, my knee starts hurting again. I know it’s a bit but when you have to work from home, or have to make two trips to the kitchen, or are likely to trip over your very own crutches, well, then it gets boring pretty fast.

Of course, the main issue is that you suddenly realise how many things you would like to be doing, that you actually can’t, things such as wearing high heels, or running 5k. The whole bonus of getting attention and people bringing me coffee is starting to wear thin. This is just by having pain, mind you, I am not wearing a cast, or have to be in bed all day, I imagine those would be much worse in terms of boredom (and pain) but you know what I mean.

To counteract the lack of activity, I seem to be signing up for a lot of volunteering activities this summer! I’ve been in chats with the British Heart Foundation to help again for their London to Brighton Night Bike Ride, and their two upcoming 10k runs in Battersea and Greenwich Parks (just because I can’t run doesn’t mean I can’t help!)

The good thing about this situation is that it’s making me think (or maybe that’s a bad thing, it depends on which crazy ideas I come up with) and thinking leads to projects, and we like projects!

I’ve been knitting the Doctor Who scarf in the past evenings, while watching the World Cup, so little by little, I’m getting somewhere (328 rows knitted to date). I only have like a million more rows left to knit (714 rows left, to be exact), but hopefully it will be ready for winter (note how I haven’t specified which year’s).

Talking with a colleague about knitting, he has asked me to knit a cover for his piano keyboard, how random is that? I suggested a crocheted granny square one instead, because why not?

I’m also looking for people to pose for portraits. I am always wanting to practise my photography skills, and lacking models, so let’s see how that one goes. So far, one friend has offered, and a few more have liked the idea (is that an offer too? Grin). If it’s any help, not only I want to practise with the camera, but also with some (light) Photoshop retouching afterwards! Ideally, I would like people of all shapes, sizes and skin tones, so we’ll see how it works. My skills are pretty basic, of course, so I guess what’s really preventing them to rush to take up on the offer is that they will have to spend endless hours waiting for me to get the settings just right! Ha-ha

That’s a project that won’t be happening just now, I think, since I don’t think I’m up for running around with the crutches and the camera, but something I want to do pretty soon.

Sort of related to that, I’ve bought a new laptop, or rather, I’m about to buy one. I’ve been after a Mac for a while now, but the prize has always been prohibitive. Recently, the company I work for has added some benefit that we can get an interest free loan from them to buy Apple products, and then repay it through salary sacrifice, so I’m getting a Macbook Air. Let’s see, it’s possible that I’ll hate it on sight, or maybe I’ll fall in love with it. I just can’t wait to have a responsive and fast laptop that I can take around with me and actually powerful enough to use all the software I need.

On a final note, we have an Luau office party in July, to welcome summer. There’s a Hawaiian shirt competition, because that’s how we roll! After chatting with one of my friends, a thought crossed my mind, how about I buy Hawaiian type of fabric and make my own shirt?? It sounds like such a brilliant idea, I know! The main problem being that I’ve never made a shirt before… So in light of that setback, I thought that a dress could be better (no idea how I reached that conclusion) and even more betterer, a shirt dress, you know the kind:

Obviously, this is going to be more difficult than a shirt, so maybe I should buy a shirt too, just in case the dress/shirt DIY doesn’t work. Or maybe I will just go with my usual clothes.

If I decide to make the dress, does that mean I finally will have to learn how to take measurements of my body? Now, that is a terrifying idea…


  1. Roseta says

    Creo que si por fin te compras un Mac a alguien no muy lejano le vas a poner los dientes largos. Ha estado mirando en segunda mano y en Ebay, pero no sé que pasará. Ahora mismo no puede hacer ningún tipo de trabajo (gráfico) no tiene equipo, aunque es dificil encontrar trabajillos y ganarse alguna perrilla, ya nos contarás. Besos.

    • marz says

      Ya, el que me voy a comprar es el Macbook Air, que es un portátil finito. Creo que de 13″ y con 250GB de almacenamiento.y 4GB de memoria. Un amigo informático me ha dicho que esta bastante bien. Espero que sea así, porque no es barato (£999).

      En principio pillan el pedido mañana, y se pondrán en contacto para ver dónde y cómo me lo envían, y después, claro, está el tema de conseguir los Adobe…

      Pero ilusionada! 🙂


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