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I didn’t see that coming

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Mac. Seriously, I do.

When I received the parcel at work, I pretty much ran all the way to the post room (pretty much, because you know, Health & Safety, guys!) and then pretended I wasn’t trotting all the way to my desk. I have to admit that I was less productive than usual that afternoon. At first I promise myself I was just going to look at it, and not turn it on. Of course, after probably five seconds I asked myself who I was trying to fool, and switched it on. I think I blushed with embarrassment when I heard the very loud sound Macs do when started, and I’m afraid to report that I did run at that time, to a meeting room, because the installation started talking out loud, very loud, and I couldn’t find how to make it shut up at first. What can I say? I panicked.

So far, it’s been pretty honeymooney over here. It’s taking me a bit long to get used to the @ and the quotation marks being in weird places; and it’s a good thing I don’t use EUR that often! However, I do have some issues with having to press command to copy and paste. It’s getting better.

Unfortunately, not everything has been smiles and happiness. The first real issue appeared when I tried to access some photos and documents I had on my external disk. D’oh! It was formatted for Windows, so of course my Mac went all: I have no clue what you’re trying to do here. Ugh. When you have close to 1TB of information, spread (some of it duplicated because, you know, it’s good to have back up copies) over two different disks, and not that much space on your PC… Well, transferring the files here and there in order to format the drives for Mac is a bit of a pain… I don’t think I’ve used Dropbox this much ever before!

At the moment, I have one netbook and one desktop copying files. My plan is to try to format the smaller drive for Mac (it seems I can format it for both, what??) and then copy all the files from the bigger disk into the smaller one, and format it as well. It’s a good plan. Yes, it is, except for one little detail…

It’s taking absolutely forever to move the files from one location to another.

I know, I know, first world problems and all that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really complaining, it’s annoying, true, but so far I haven’t sworn once. I swear.

In the meantime, I’m cooking. Today I ended up buying a lot of red peppers when I was out exploring with my friend Brian. I think it was the first time I bought one of those bowls for £1. See, normally, I don’t feel like doing it, because I know I’m never going to eat all that much quick enough, but I decided I wanted to roast the peppers, to make tapas. I promised Brian I’m bringing him some tomorrow, but I almost broke that promise.

Since I was so focused on the computers, I almost burnt the peppers in the oven! I only realised because the kitchen was on the way to the toilet (come to think of it, I forgot I was going to the toilet; seriously, what is wrong with me?) so I rushed to check on the peppers. Phew, just in time.

I need to get a jar ready for the peppers. Gosh, the flat smells amazing… I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wait long enough for them to cool down.

OK, I’m going to get the next batch of peppers in the oven. Does anyone want some??