Vegan banana bread bites

Hello there!

I wanted to share a recipe and a few photos with you, if you don’t mind.

Last week, I made vegan banana bread. I really like baking, even if I’m not particularly good at it. However, I am not such a fan of eating what I bake, mainly because of not being a massive fan of all things sweet. For this reason, I’m always telling my friends that I’m going to bake for them, and bring food to work from time to time.

Whenever I see food blogs (…) I pretty much drool over the recipes they make, both for mains or desserts. Of course, it helps that their photos are bright and pretty. This is some type of photography I would really like to improve (I love taking photos, I love cooking and baking, and I love eating in general, so it feels right to know how to photograph food properly, don’t you think?) but I know that at the moment, my photos are less than appealing (food ones, I mean).

Ah, well. Life.

I promised my team I was going to bake something for them, and one of the guys is vegan, so I never bake stuff he can eat. This time, I decided to try and braved it with a banana bread from BBC Good Food. For some reason, banana bread is one of my favourites.

Unfortunately, halfway through I couldn’t find my bread tin, or any tin that would work properly, so I decided to use the cupcake ones instead, and call it banana bread bites. Of course, that meant I had to make sure my team knew they weren’t muffins, all soft and awesomely spongy, but a bit denser and awesomely bready.

Feedback was great, they loved it (that’s what they told me, at least) and it was easy to make, except that I can never get my cakes, bread or cupcakes to rise enough.

Since the recipe isn’t mine, and I didn’t really alter it, I’m just giving you the link to the Banana Bread recipe on BBC Good Food and leave you the photos below.

The only thing I changed was the brown sugar, which I didn’t have, and used unrefined cane sugar instead.

First, you mash the very ripe bananas.
Then, add the other ingredients, following the recipe.
Until you have a paste that smells great and looks quite yummy.
Place it in the tin, if you have one, or in this case, in bite sized cupcake wraps!
And there you go. It was really good. I had to try one before I brought it to my team, just in case. I think it should have been a bit less dry, but since it was my first vegan anything, I’m not really complaining!

If you try baking this, let me know how it goes! I would love to see photos (and if we’re close, maybe let me have a bite?)

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