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It’s a big world out there

It’s a big world out there, and we only get to see a tiny bit of it. There are so many stories waiting to be told, so many secrets waiting to be discovered…

As I commute everyday on the train, I look out the window and I marvel. My journey is only about half an hour, but there are so many people whose paths I cross, so many buildings and parks on my way. I wonder what their stories are. I wonder what the buildings hide inside their walls.

Every morning, I look at the sky and I feel like I’m travelling far away. If I close my eyes, I can imagine I’m going on an adventure, maybe to an exotic place. You see, the sky is the same everywhere you go, with more or less pollution, but still the same. I wonder at the clouds, and how they’re formed. I know how clouds are made, but I wonder how it happens. How is it even possible? I probably smile without noticing.

On my way to work, I can see a junk yard from the train. I cannot really see where it is, or how to get there, but the old race car on the roof of the warehouse, and the dilapidated bathtub, sometimes full of mannequin legs, pretty much scream at me for my attention, and I’m always looking forward to it. I wonder what stories all the items in there have to tell, and it excites me, in part because it scares me.

There is also a climbing wall, which belongs to a youth support charity. I know, I’ve searched it online. The first time I saw it, I was amazed at how random it was to have a climbing wall on the side of a building, and how cool it would be to live there. Then, I found out I couldn’t use it, since I’m not young any more, nor troubled.

I also discovered that the roof of Borough Market main building is decorated with pineapples. They’re metallic, with green leaves on top. That also makes me smile every time.

There’s a small street completely covered by umbrellas that have lost most of their vibrant colours. Every time I see them, I can’t help but wonder if water falls down in between the umbrellas, or if the water is dirty. I guess it’s a pretty sight under the sunlight, but quite sad when it rains, as if the umbrellas were crying.

Almost by London Bridge, there are many work spaces – studios and workshops you can rent. The buildings look amazing, with dark brick and big windows, but there’s one that always catches my attention. You can only see a bit through the couple of windows facing the rail tracks, but it’s more than enough to spark my imagination. The room that shows looks like the storage for a costume shop, or maybe for a theatre troupe. It looks messy, but full of stories as well.

All these things, I’ve discovered in only 30 minutes of a train journey, but there is so much more in so many places… After all, it’s a big world out there.