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Too many ideas, not enough time

It’s been a tough week at work. By the end of it, I wanted to get up and go home, in the middle of a Friday. I didn’t because, well, it wouldn’t have been professional, but also because I had lunch plans with a friend in the area.

At least, the week is now over and the weekend is here.

This weekend I have a few ideas I want to pursue (look at that, big words and everything!) and might take me longer or not. For example, I want to change my blog theme. I am a bit tired of the blog’s aesthetics, so I’m thinking of re-jiggling it a bit. Of course, my knowledge of WordPress is limited, and the amount of customisation I can do isn’t much either, but I’ve seen a couple of themes I like, one of them even free!

Now, don’t get all excited. You won’t see the change happening this weekend, probably not next week either, but keep an eye out!

Tomorrow I need to go on a mission. Most (all) of my denim are broken. Since they have some elastic material, they also are destroying my skin… Not good. So my mission is to scour the shops tomorrow and find two pairs of jeans. I hate shopping for denim because I don’t understand the types, the sizes, the fabrics… Usually I come back home empty handed and in a bad mood, so we will see how it goes.

I also want to buy a big white board, like foam or something like that. Whenever I take photos of crafts and projects indoors (so always), I end up struggling with the light. Having a white board would be useful as a reflector. I will have a look around.

Finally, the most important thing happening this weekend is that I’m meeting my friend Oummou to do a project. We have seen countless of dress forms DIYs online, and we have decided to try… which means we’re going to tape Oummou and use her as a guinea pig. As an incentive for all our hard work (me taping, her standing still, and possibly holding her breath), we will have yummy food afterwards. My plan is to take my camera and document the whole process. I am looking forward to it, and to see the results. I have never done anything like that, so it can go either way. Whatever happens though, it’s going to be a super fun day!

I was talking to Brian today, and he had the most amazing idea ever! I think I’ve mentioned before I have my heart set on making a leather case for my Mac Book Air. Well, I don’t want to buy the supplies yet because my sewing skills aren’t great and I don’t want to waste money on a project that might be a disaster (since leather is a bit expensive). He suggested that I keep my eyes peeled for discarded leather sofas! How haven’t I thought of that before? As we spoke about that, and other items that could be recycled, my mind was going wild with the possibilities. Imagine how happy I was when, as I came back home, I spotted a sofa by the bins… Go figure! Unfortunately, it was a white fabric one instead, and the fabric wasn’t that great either, but hey, I’d say that’s a good sign.

Last project… I had a great conversation at lunchtime, when my friend and I chatted a bit about carving wood, which has made me want to start again. I haven’t done much work, only small stuff on clothespins, to practise, but now I want to get into it. I am looking to buy some nice blocks so that I can put my SAK to work. Maybe I will use my Amazon voucher for that? It’s either that, or buying a lot of sewing stuff (threads, extra needles, etc) so I’m a bit undecided still.

As you can see, many things on the horizon. Now, I’m going to make myself some dinner and start organising myself so I can get a good start on these projects, as well as work on the long list of projects I already have. See? This is why I don’t really have time for a full time job!