Strasbourg, day 1

I was supposed to write a post before going on holidays and leave it scheduled to be published while I was away, just because I don’t like posting from my phone. This time, however, laziness won and I didn’t prepare anything in advance.

Here I am then, typing awkwardly and unsure of how this is going to look.

I am quite happy as I’ve been taking a lot of pictures already. Strasbourg is a beautiful city, as everyone had told me already, and I would love to spend more time here.

Yesterday, I was alone with my friend and his dog. Today, he had to go to a meeting at work, so I was left alone to wander the streets for a bit and then pick up one of the girls. I managed to walk around and show her a bit of the town, and I even managed to walk back to the flat. It’s already proven I can be left alone in a city and be able to fend for myself.

The last friend is coming in an hour or so, so we’re having some dinner before going to pick her up (I know the way now, I can lead everyone there! Ha!)

We still don’t know what we’re doing tomorrow, there are a couple of options and no consensus as of yet, so we’ll see. In any case, everything is interesting and all the buildings are so pretty, and our friend knows so much about the city, that whatever we do, I’m sure it’ll be great. More to come soon!