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Finally, a decision made. Expect change!

I’ve finally found a new theme for the blog, one that I really like. Do you know what that means? That for the next few days I’ll be playing around with features, pages, menus, fonts and colours. I will try to keep the disruption to you guys to a minimum, but I guess some stuff might not work properly at some point.

In order to practise beforehand, I’ve created a private blog, where I’ve managed to play around with the theme’s features, as some of them are quite new to me!

Ideally, I’ll have it ready by Sunday evening, if nothing gets in the way, that is.

I might be looking to some re-branding, or maybe not, I’m still not sure about it. There’s a logo I really like and would love to use, that a friend made for me, but I’m not sure how to make it work with the overall blog idea that I have in my mind. All in due time.

That’s it! I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday, and I’ll be in touch soon.

Take care!